Welcome to Wellthy Choices!

I sat with my back against a redwood tree one day in a primeval forest in northern California and the world went away for about 4 hours! My friends searched high and low for me – but I was in another dimension… where I figured out THE MOST important things the human body needs to exist on this planet…

1) Healthy beliefs & spirituality

2) Frequency healing

3) Breathing

4) Water

5) Nutrition

6) Detoxification

7) Sustainable living practices

Hello! My name is Jan Jenson and I’ve been a healthy living coach since 1968, a publisher, photographer, writer and retired high steel ironworker (25+ years in the trade). As you can see by the photo below, I’ve been the same size since I was 15 (now over 75!) so my advice DOES work – not only for me but for everyone!

jan62Now I’ve compiled ALL my talents and resources and information into WELLthy advice – how to think, breathe, drink, eat and live a HEALTHY life by making Wellthy Choices.

Visit this website often for regular updates, recipes, tips, musings and postings from friends and people from all over the internet.

I have newsletters, books, booklets available now and coming soon – DVDs, CDs and downloadable products … plus personal coaching, classes and seminars.

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You will find more raw food books and photos on my photography and desktop publishing website: www.vizualexplorations.smugmug.com

Since I’ve been a health coach since 1968, I’ve been pointed to just about every health care opportunity that comes along!  I usually take the time to investigate everything – you never know what you will learn or run across!

THE MOST EXCITING thing I’ve discovered since I began my health quest in 1968 is the incredible quality and effectiveness of healing with LIGHT and SOUND energy!  I was introduced to these lights in June 2012 by my friend Ellen Whiteside at Sacred Grove Retreat Center near Gold Hill, NC and immediately decided that I wanted some lights for myself.  I got my lights in July 2012 and have since taken my basic light technician training and recently my advanced training and am now a Quantum Light Energy Coach, combining breathing development, EFT and Light Sessions for my clients – at my home or your home or office!

Check out these lights for yourself at www.inlightmedical.com

To schedule a breathing/EFT/Light Session with me, Jan Jenson, please email me at: jjenson@wellthychoices.net or call 480-549-3740.  I limit my travels to within 100 miles of Apache Junction, AZ – however, I CAN find other practitioners in the US and maybe even global!  Please call to discuss your needs!

In March 2020 I was introduced to Natures Frequencies, a FANTASTIC company that only marketed to healthcare professionals in 36 countries for over 7 years!  On Feb. 11, 2020 they introduced the world to direct marketing and have been growing at WARP SPEED!  I’ve been using my Earthing card and EMF Shields since March 11, 2020 and within 20 minutes I noticed a DRAMATIC REDUCTION in the discomfort levels in my left leg, knee and left thumb.  I have a 12 inch titanium pin in my left femur and another 6 inch titanium pin connecting to the femur rod that goes up into the ball joint of my left hip (from a fall in Nov. 2013).  Broke the left knee the DAY I got off rehab for the femur… and injured it AGAIN very badly in Nov. 2019 when I slipped on a wet marble hotel floor in India.  It’s incredible to FEEL GOOD all day now with my NF products!  The Nitro and Sleep patches are simply AMAZING!  www.NaturesFrequencies.com/wellthy

I’ve been a fanatic about finding SAFE and NON-TOXIC personal care and cleaning products and the highest quality nutritional foods and products available on the market today.    Just shoot me a private message on Facebook or email me:  jjenson@wellthychoices.net to see what I recommend lately!

And of course, you will want to be SURE you’re using the purest water available in the world!  That’s incredibly IFFY these days… so I carry my portable water activator with me at all times!   They also offer whole house units, pool and spa units, activators to install in greenhouses and to use on large fields growing produce for yourself and/or local markets!  I carry a small size in my bag or purse, wherever I go!!  www.greenfieldnaturals.com