Raw Harvest and Holiday Recipes

Raw Harvest & Holiday Recipes

harvest-holiday-coverThis expandable recipe book was originally published in 2004 and has chapters on:


Breads and crackers

Dessings/sauces/herb vinegars


Main Dishes




Recipes for staying healthy year ’round!

Wellthy Choices for holiday trips

Websites and books on RAW foods

Each chapter is currently being turned into an entire book, using recipes from 3 raw foods groups I belong to, egroups, newsletters, friends and all over the internet!

If YOU have a favorite recipe to contribute, it will be included in a coming book, along with your name and any comments you care to add!

Get Raw Harvest & Holoiday Recipes for yourself today!  The recipes are timeless and can be used ANY time of the year.  Tasty choices guaranteed to tease your taste buds!

$5.00 PDF download.

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