7 Centers of the Energetic Body

Energy Centers7 Centers of the Energetic Body is a compilation from over a dozen different sources, combined into one amazing chart that can be blown up to 11×14 and laminated to put on your office or waiting room wall… for your friends and/or clients to look at!

This chart covers all the chakra colors (and I’m working on another chart that will cover 13 chakras!) and the colors, essential oils, gemstones, parts of your immune system related to these chakras, music notes and colors (will be adding frequencies soon), essential oils and herbs that can be used to stimulate or quiet each chakra!

I originally created this chart to be used in the centerfold of a magazine I was published in 2002 – Integrative Health and Healing, but we ended up selling the centerfold space, so I’ve just been using & selling this chart for others to use in their studies!

You have my permission to use this chart in your work, even blow it up and laminate it for your office – as long as my copyright and other information stays intact!

I am again publishing Wellthy Choices magazine (after taking off several years to heal up from:  a broken left hip, broken left knee (3 months after the hip) and 2 collapsed vertebrae and back surgery (8 months after the broken knee).  Thanks to improved nutrition, the help of many friends, and LIGHT THERAPY, I’m almost back to “normal” – whatever THAT is…!!

I’ve never been “normal” a day in my life!  (he he he!!)

Thank you for your interest in my Chakra Chart!!  The expanded version will be available on this website as soon as I get it created!

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