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Wellthy Choices Magazine #2

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Inside This Issue

  • Energy - What it is, how to create more
  • A Brief Introduction to Natural Energy
  • What is Hexagonal Water?
  • Introducing Cathi Watson's "Simply Ageless"
  • Signs of Your Own Psychic Ability
  • Synesthesia - 2nd in a series
  • Using Lemon Peels Around the House
  • RECIPES - Pesto, raw soup, raw pancakes,
  • Lemon Tahini Dressing
  • National Organic Skin Lotions
  • Detoxification Saves Lives


  • On the Edge of Evolution
  • Emergency Preparedness - Medicinal Herbs & Spices
  • Solar Roadways
  • YERT - Your Environmental Road Trip
  • Evolutionary Change
  • Crystal Skulls, Peru and Orbs
  • Spirit Letters - Let Go

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Wellthy Choices Magazine  #1

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Inside This Issue

  • What is In Your Voice by Lana J. Ford, Ph.D.
  • Being A Bold Seeker of Truth by Rev. Diannia Baty
  • NC Dental Boards is in BIG Trouble by Tim Bolen
  • Green Smoothies add ZING to your day!
  • Airport Body Scanners emit Tertrahertz Rays by J. Speer Williams
  • Spritually Connecting with Mother Earth by Mary Lemons


  • Are You Using Antibacterial Soaps? - They're TOXIC!
  • There is No Such Thing as Lack by Karen Lee
  • Sacred Scalar Zero Point Energy Wands by Lana J. Ford, Ph.D.

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Your HEALTH is your WELLth! When you are inspired and informed... your life improves!


  • Versatile lunch buckets
  • A little prep before bed
  • Good kitchen “tools”
  • Change Stinkin’ Thinkin’
  • After You Awake First 30 min.
  • Not sick - thirsty!
  • T5T 10 minute rejuvenation exercise plan
  • Squeeze and Breathe
  • Green & fruit smoothies
  • Plants are your best source of calcium and magnesium!
  • Simple Juice Recipes
  • Nut milks & butters
  • Dehydrated goodies
  • Power foods
  • Enzymes create health
  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Natural remedies + EOs
  • Detoxify regularly


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Can't figure out what to serve your guests during the holidays? This 25 page book covers something for everyone! Please send your recipes and tips so we may share them with others too!

  • Appetizers
  • Breads & crackers
  • Dressings/sauces/vinegars
  • Drinks
  • Main Dishes
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Desserts
  • Recipes for staying healthy your 'round
  • Wellthy Choices for traveling - snacks, essential oils, homeopathic, natural methods to stay healthy while traveling - and all year!
  • Websites and books on RAW foods
This book is constantly being updated and expanded and people who purchase this book online and subscribe to my newsletters WILL receive constant updates.We encourage you to send your favorite recipes and health tips so we may share them with our readers as well. Of course - you will be credited, along with any sources you indicate!

SPROUTING - Special 16-Page BOOK

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WHY you should sprout?

  • Cheap & easy sprouting
  • Products & websites
  • Great ways to serve sprouts
  • Nutritional values of sprouts
  • Sprouting chart
  • Recipes for using sprouts
  • More recipes & sprouting books
  • Books on sprouting
  • Websites about sprouting
  • WHY you should dehydrate!
  • Cheap & easy dehydrating
  • Products & websites

FOOD DEHYDRATION - Special 8-Page Newsletter


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$8.00 $3.00 per download

What's in this special 8-page newsletter?

  • Great ways to use dehydrated
  • Nutritional values of foods
  • Dehydration chart
  • Recipes for using dehydrated
  • More recipes & books
  • Books on dehydration
  • Websites about dehydration