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The mission of  Wellthy Choices is to educate and inform – to help people  make WELLthier choices for healthy living…

Breathing, water, nutrition and regular detoxification and the four main requirements for living a WELLthy life, in my opinion.  Without those four NEEDS, the human body suffers all sorts of health challenges, which only get worse as we age!  In my 30s, 40s and 50s my health challenges progressed to Fibromyalgia and I could sense a wheel chair coming into my life soon…

THANKFULLY I began laying out and doing ad sales and marketing on Carolina Health & Healing magazine, which became Integrative Health & Self-Healing,  from 1999-2002. I watched the editor’s focus go from “what are you eating?” to “WHAT’S IN YOUR MOUTH?” 

After having 17 amalgams replaced (those “silver” fillings are over HALF mercury!) with bio-compatible white composite and 2 nickel crowns replaced with porcelain and two TOXIC root canal front teeth pulled – the rotting bacteria is more toxic than botulism! and ate out the bone number my nose!  I’m DELIGHTED to report that I no longer have Fibromyalgia!!

I consume more than 85 percent RAW FOODS and most weeks it’s 100% raw because I FEEL VITAL and ALIVE on raw foods.  Cooked foods make me feel sluggish and sleepy!  LOTS of raw recipes will be coming soon and I’m working on about a DOZEN raw recipe books… recipes that have been gathered from two raw foods groups that meet here in North Carolina + recipes from friends and websites all over the world!

I know you will enjoy this Wellthy Choices website/blog – please send your recipes, comments and photos so I can share them with readers too!

Jan Jenson, The Wellth Coach


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