Introducing Frankie Lee Slater

Frankie Lee SlaterArtist of LIFE

Frankie Lee is a self-described “artist of life” who advocates that we all can be when we bring skill and awareness to the creativity that is our essential gift as human beings.

For over three decades she has been providing the foundation for the greater connectivity that is so much needed today through the two powerful alliances she founded – A Circle of Women and The Art of LIVING Coalition.

Looking For
Core Business Partner to run The Art of LIVING Lifestyle company.
Campaign Manager with tactical as well as strategy expertise to orchestrate the roll out of Circles Uniting, Rep and/or Partner for Frankie Lee Slater Photography, High-end Agent and Attorney, Speaker Rep, Consulting Partners, Established Publishing Partner, Producer Partners in events and media.

We invite you to join us and explore co-creating with our extended community of artists of life, starting with…

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