Introducing Frankie Lee Slater

Frankie Lee SlaterArtist of LIFE

For more than a decade Frankie Lee has been providing the foundation for
the greater connectivity that is so much needed today in this world where
six-and-a-half-billion people are challenged to move beyond “us and them”
and rise up to our higher humanity. Through the two powerful
alliances she formed while residing in Santa Monica for 14 years – A
Circle of Women
and The Art of LIVING Coalition – she is a torchbearer for a new social consciousness, impulsing hundreds to actively co-create and thousands more to actively participate in large and small community-based gatherings, media projects, social actions and networks of relationship.

A self-described “artists of life” who advocates that we all can be, when
we bring skill and awareness to the creativity that is our essential gift
as human beings, Frankie Lee discovered photography to be one of her gifts
while traveling extensively in South Africa, the UK, France and the
Netherlands for the global cultural exchange project she conceived and is
forwarding – CIRCLES UNITING.

Whether capturing spontaneous moments out and about in the community, like her neighbor Syd’s kids camp on the beach at Ocean Park, or bridging
worlds with her West African sufi friends in Amsterdam, or her intimate
series Oceanea, shot while communing with the Ocean every Monday for 60+ weeks, the world she comes representing is radiant and alive with
possibility and celebration.

Artist’s Statement

“Over the course of several decades producing live events and media within
the context of ‘being artists of life,’ it is my tremendous joy and
privilege to be present with people as they expand into their higher
capacities and free themselves to bring their unique gifts into the world.
What fun, then, that photography should turn out to be one of mine – and
that I can gift it into the world both for the spirit of each moment
represented and as a touchstone for you to bring your gifts forth!”

Founder, The Art of LIVING Coalition and A Circle of Women.  Event
Producer & Host (conceptualized and produced over 100 co-creative
immersive ritual based events throughout Los Angeles, including
International Women’s Day celebrations, all of which are documented in our extensive video/audio library), four Circles Uniting tours to four
continents, published journalist in U.S. & Australia, former Corporate and
Entertainment PR professional: Director of PR, The Samuel Goldwyn Company (national opening of “Quadrophenia” The Who Movie; Academy Award and Golden Globe Award Winning campaign for Giorgio Moroder’s score for Midnight Express; represented producer David Puttnam, MacGillivray Freeman Films (pioneers in IMAX), began my career at HBO in New York, its second year.

The Art of LIVING – Lifestyle brand for consciously creating the lives we
really want and a world that works for everyone.  Media and Live Events:
The Art of LIVING TV show, Artist of LIFE TV, Conversations of Co, Dance
of the Feminine. Circles Uniting Global – cultural exchange for the world,
designed to create a consistency of awareness for our essential
connection, inspire and empower the peoples of the world to step in and up
in co-creating, through foundational tools in “the dynamics of human
perception and how we create.”

Looking For
Core Business Partner to run The Art of LIVING Lifestyle company.
Campaign Manager with tactical as well as strategy expertise to
orchestrate the roll out of Circles Uniting.  Rep and/or Partner for
Frankie Lee Slater Photography.  High end Agent and Attorney, Speaker Rep,
Consulting Partners.  Established Publishing Partner, Producer Partners in
events and media.

My gifts in service of the greater, 30 year pioneering human perception
and how  we create gives me distinctions beyond pretty much anybody. I’m
here to contribute to the awakening, bring the feminine into balance with
her masculine counterpart.

Frankie Lee was born in the New York suburb of Bronxville, and raised
around the media – her baby cup reads, “from Henry Luce and the Time Inc. family” where her father was a marketing executive. 

Her interest in people and what moves them was well in evidence when her high school Spanish class traveled to Spain and her curiosity sparked her to walk around the plane interviewing people regarding their stories. It led
Frankie Lee to identify herself as a global citizen early in life and to
major in Sociology at Northwestern University.