Saharan Dust heading to the Gulf Coast. 6-18-20

Dust from the Sahara Desert is riding the trade winds west across the Atlantic Ocean and will reach the Gulf Coast next week!

NOAA says the dust travel is not that uncommon.

This plume of dust will allow for 2 positives and 1 negative:

– This dusty air may make the sunrise and sunsets a bit more colorful with a reddish tint.

– This dust also has an impact on hurricane formation. Saharan air is very dry, therefore, when tropical waves roll off the coast of Africa, they take in this very dry air and often times fall apart. The National Hurricane Center is not forecasting any development over the next 5 days.

– The con to this is those who have respiratory issues or suffer from allergies may notice lower air quality, but most of the dust is typically in the upper atmosphere.