understanding what it means to live in this Uranian age – by Ra, Human Design founder

Ra’s Words of Wisdom

Ra Uru Hu
I talk about resistance a lot, but I think most people think that‘s an intellectual concept. If you put a human being in a wind tunnel and you have to deal with resistance and you ask them to walk forward you begin to see that resistance is not something that is an intellectual concept. Resistance is something that any object can deal with. Any object moving through the atmosphere at one level or another is dealing with resistance. And the thing to recognize about resistance in terms of the physical body is that there is an enormous wear and tear on the body. How many people die simply because they have horrendous people in their life? And this inability to live out their own nature, just simply driven down and driven down and driven down until it simply falls apart.
One of the things to understand about the nature of what it is to be able to be correct in terms of your positioning is that when you are in the right environment and your vehicle is responding, your body is responding, that is, the observed is coming out, in that sense, is to recognize that this is the place with this physical reaction that is there to diminish the impact of resistance. The deepest level when I talk about the external I’m really talking about quality of life. And that is quality of life relative to what it is to live in a new age. After all, since 1781 we have had a Uranian life. And we have seen that since 1781 everything about our technologies has conspired to give us the Uranian life—better hygiene, sewer systems in big cities and garbage pickups and advanced healthcare and on and on and on and on, all the things that have led to what we have today, which is this incredible phenomena of longevity on the planet.
But I well know from my own mother who is 96 that just about everybody around her who has achieved these long ages are either physically incapacitated or mentally lost. And one of the things that we need to understand is that if you’re in a Uranian age and you‘re living out a Saturnian not-self seven-centered life, your body may survive to 90 but your brain is going to drop out a lot earlier.
It‘s something for us to understand that we have to be very, very careful about understanding what it means to live in this Uranian age. We are going to live longer. And the quality of our life is very important. You don’t want to spend the last 30 years of your life being unhealthy and feeling like life is something that’s passed you by. In the Uranian cycle you’re only supposed to begin to flower after 50. Most of the not-self world by the time they’re 50 they’re mostly burned out—all of that resistance, a lifetime of not-self, all of the physical ailments that begin to creep up on them.
The fact of the matter is that statistically medically once you reach the age of 70 all of the diseases begin to explode in numbers. The myths about heart disease and cancer killing so many people, but in fact most of the people it kills are old, they’re over 70 and they‘re old in the Saturnian sense, they‘re ancient in the Saturnian sense. In the Saturnian world they should have long been dead.
~ Ra Uru Hu