Episode 1 Part 1 – Neurosurgeon Jack Kruse – “Artificial blue light is killing us”

Via Jack Kruse –
Mitochondriac lesson: The more MASSIVE a star the faster it dies….Let that SINK IN FOR A MOMENT BEFORE YOU GO FURTHER….the less MASSIVE a star the longer it lives. Why is MASS associated with death in star?????? You know stars most common element is hydrogen huh? Hydrogen in a sun is in its H+ state. So are mitochondria………interesting coincidence or might there be a deep link you all missed? MASS is a bad thing to a living system. Mitochondrial matrix hates deuterium…………and Stars hate deuterium too………did you know that? Do you know why this fact exists?

Deuterium DOUBLES the mass of a star. It really ruins the size and shape of the mitochondria. When the respiratory proteins get stretched out every Angrstrom they get from each other lowers electron tunneling on the inner mitochondrial membrane by a factor of TEN. What happens when ECT slows or stops in mitochondria? Disease and death……..

What does this basic science lesson imply for “ignorant naked apes” on Earth who’s matrix is filled with deuterium and not H+?????? What happens to those said “naked smart apes” (pun intended) when they make choices that ADD way too much deuterium to their mitochondrial matrices and not enough H+ from thing made by photosynthesis?

You know technology use is the fastest way to add deuterium to the colony of stars in your cells called mitochondria? The power grid does it too……..so do light bulbs on a relative basis. Some bulbs, like LED’s, do it faster than others versions of light. Why? Not all light is equivalent. You are built to work with visible light, not the entire spectrum of light.

Is your 5G network equivalent with the sun my “smart naked apes”????? What does this connection about MASS and deuterium really imply to all those “smart naked ape” out there reading this with no blue blockers on, on their 5G Wifi network on their new iphone they got for Xmas? It means you should’ve bought term life insurance with that phone if you understand one simple math equation about energy, life, longevity, and wellness.

Most of you don’t have a clue what you’re missing. You’re more concerned with Trump’s real time tweets than how those tweets on the phone are stealing your life force. Those 5G networks coming to population dense cities will prove my insights correct very soon. What will all the smart naked apes do then????? Will they reach out to a ‘marketing expert’ non mitochondriac for a well formed marketing meme because those naked apes will refuse to see Nature’s truth?

Will you continue to elevate your beliefs, desires, wants, and needs above evolution’s laws of energy use? The marketing guru will tell you about how bad mold is for you because he has a solution for the problem. Let’s unpack the bull shit for a moment using MASS as the only needed example.

MOLD/LYME/ MYCOTOXIN/PARASITE ANALOGY. Marino’s book on Becker location 1341 (kindle for the blue light toxic apes). Laboratory animals all have parasites in their brains that are normally kept quiet by the immune system and then they are uncloaked by altered magnetic fields of the lights and machines in the lab. (Rabbits and mice) This allows a ton of deuterium to enter the matrix of the mitochondria in their brains.

What is inflammation in biology? H+. Inflammation is a pH log scale of H+. Did you know that when Deuterium replaces H+ that inflammation is MORE SEVERE than it would be if it were just H+? Why? MASS. The Atomic mass is D is DOUBLED compared to H+. Now think about the star mentioned above………………You feeling nature’s rules yet?

H+ = inflammation. Deuterium is a version of H+ that has an extra neutron attached to it. When you add more atomic mass to H+, what happens to the level of inflammation? It goes through the roof…….Why is that? As atomic mass rises, by the mass equivalence equation (E=mc^2), energy must fall because of the mathematics of E=mc^2. It is basic physics and math. Not the bullshit most of you are buying from meme’s selling snake oil because you refuse to sit down and think.

When you have Lyme/toxins/viruses/mold in your blood/gut/tissues you must leave that environment because the loss of energy = a loss of redox. nnEMF puts more deuterium in your matrix and makes the situation for redox even worse…….= a shit ton more inflammation because the D/H+ ratio RISES pushing mass higher and energy lower in the E = mc^2 equation.

You don’t need a deuterium Rx or supplement to fix it……….you need a new environment to repair the MASS defect in your matrix.
Anytime mass rises energy must drop because of that simple equation. It’s not that hard to understand.

Class dismissed.

Jack has some fascinating videos on YouTube also:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAZR0tmhMqY&app=desktop