Your intuitive Heart felt navigational knowing will guide you

New Ways of Being XXII In the old 3D you had to learn how to protect yourself to survive. This included even constructing energy shields to stop yourself from being depleted of life force.
In 5D it cannot be experienced, it cannot be felt and it becomes ludicrous for you to protect yourself against something that could cause the demise of you, an immortal being.
Being extra sensitive, an “empath” is often used as an excuse.
We are all becoming sensitive to all the “out there” because it is now clearly “in here”. And now you are truly beginning to see how you have created and can create it all.
Love and the ever expanding consciousness that you are becomes your dominant reality.
Thus the next time you go into a crowd of people and feel any sense of depletion Ground yourself first and then expand your field instead of contracting it.
Imagine, or think as if your embrace of Love extends around and beyond them all, stretching out as far, in a great circle, as seems comfortable for you. Now go about your business with everyone within your embrace, within the field of your extension. No more unpleasant feelings. This is how Love deals with it. Everything is included with no special attachments or rejection. No mindiness, no set prescriptions or pre-planning, just ease of being.
At first you may have to remove yourself the practice and gain strength in this practice.
Your intuitive Heart felt navigational knowing will guide you as to with whom, and when and where to share personally. You will know when it is part of your natural flow.
Shine On

I So Love You

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