Know where you are – go within – trust your feeling

Found this excellent info on Facebook today!


 know where you are
You cannot think Truth, You feel it.
Thus your Truth comes from heart Knowing not from thoughts.
Process through your heart always for your own guidance and direction.
Your mind cannot know until your heart has given the direction you are going.
Your mind will want to contain.
But you are infinite and expanding.
Let your heart point to and express what is right for you.
You cannot construct your Shine, it is already there, for it is You in Essence.
Allow your Brilliance
I So Love You
PS Never allow another to define you.
We can all find justifications for anything but it does not make any of it true.
You reside in the 5th dimensional frequency and “above”. You are getting to know all the signs of “where you are”.
You discover you through stepping beyond “mental mind” and therefore you cannot take any of the beliefs you have in their present form.
What you believe today will not be what you believe “tomorrow”.
You are in constant evolving, spiraling ‘Flux”.
Go “within”, be renewed daily, Trust your feeling and let the Shine of its direction be your next move.