Caring for elderly parents? Some helpful suggestions…

Dr. Anna Cabeca is a brilliant doctor and a wonderful friend. She recently shared with her crowd some insights into her experiences over the past several weeks and months while caring for her aging father.

It’s a tender time of life, something that you may sympathize with or are anticipating in the not too distant future.

What made this post so amazing to me was the tips she offered to others that are at this stage of life. Those who are carrying a similar responsibility of caring for someone else who’s health is not allowing them to fully care for themselves.

She offers four specific things that you should be doing to make sure you are taking care of your own health so you can best handle the demands of caring for someone else.

If you find yourself in a similar situation for a parent or child then I hope you can gain some helpful tips from Dr. Cabecas post HERE.   Helpful suggestions from-the-hospital-bedside/

Dr. Cabeca’s nutritional recommendations are some of THE BEST information I’ve ever seen on how to successfully combat stress in your life – especially while caring for your elderly parents – or spouses, children, even friends!

(On a personal note – I’d highly recommend that you learn EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – for yourself and teach it to the whole family – it’s amazing how much differently you will look at your life and what’s going on around you – with that fabulous self-help technique!  Emotional Freedom Technique  It’s such a tremendously helpful technique that many VA Hospitals are now forming groups to teach veterans EFT to help them combat PTSD.  It works equally well for children who are suffering through bullying in school or living thru any kind of trauma in their lives!!)