You’re Being Poisoned Daily – How Homeopathy Can Help

You’re Being Poisoned Daily; How Homeopathy Can Help
February 2015 Vol. 11, No. 2  –  Homeopathic Healing Miracles

Cadmium exposure is common from pipe and cigarette
smoke, as well as instant teas and coffees. Also,
contaminated water, soft drinks, nickel-cadmium batteries,
refined grains, pesticides, fungicides, and some
plastics are known to contain cadmium. Possible symptoms
include headaches, irritability, anemia, hypo- or
hypertension, emphysema, hair loss, benign prostate
enlargement, learning disabilities, low immunity, and
problems with skin, joints, kidneys, liver, and cancer.
Zincum is the main homeopathic antidote for
cadmium toxicity, and Cadmium sulphuricum can also
help—especially when weakness, frequent viral infections,
and odd sensations are symptoms.
Lead is a common heavy metal that is inhaled from cigarette
smoke. Exposure is also prevalent from cooking
food in ceramic, lead-based pots and pans. Consuming
contaminated water and canned foods may also increase
your risk of lead toxicity. Lead toxicity may be associated
with anxiety, dizziness, nervousness, irritability,
depression, and joint and muscle pain.
Alumina and Causticum are appropriate remedies
for lead toxicity. Alumina can help improve brain function,
mental confusion, dullness, memory loss, kidney
disease, hypertension, and lethargy. Causticum helps for
other symptoms, such as urinary weakness and paralysis.
Mercury is one of the more common heavy metals
that humans are exposed to. Dental mercury fillings
can produce toxicity within the body. Also, certain
inks from printers or tattoo parlors may contain
mercury. Other possible sources of exposure include
some paints, fabric softeners, wood preservatives,
cosmetics, solvents, plastics, contaminated fish, and
drugs. Some concerns with mercury toxicity include
diabetic tendencies, cognitive problems, irritability,
poor memory, insomnia, hypertension, fatigue, loss
of confidence, muscular weakness, asthma, allergic
conditions, impaired hearing and vision, and multiple
Mercurius can help with mercury toxicity caused
from amalgam symptoms such as gum disease and
bleeding, mouth ulcers, abscesses, frequent sore
throats, or colitis. Hepar sulphuricum is another
homeopathic remedy when toxicity causes infections,
bronchitis, or frequent abscesses.
When mercury amalgams are present, most
heavy-metal cleanses are not recommended.
Chlorella and cilantro are the best for mercury elimination—
especially when amalgams are a concern.
Mercury amalgams should be removed safely before
a heavy-metal cleanse, and a holistic dentist should
follow protocols from the International Academy of
Oral Medicine and Toxicology.