Letter to the Editor of Waverly News – May 7, 1974 – VOTE NO ON FLUORIDATION OF WAVERLY, NE WATER!!

by Jan Postlewait – May 7, 1974


The voters of Waverly (Nebraska) will decide May 14, 1974 whether or not they want fluorides added to the city’s water system.  I urge every voter to consider the following facts – and then vote NO on May 14:

Following a 10-year study, a committee of physicians, dentists, veterinarians, surgeons and scientists in Britain concluded that the addition of fluorides to drinking water at a concentration of 1.0 to 1.2 parts per million does NOT prevent dental carries, but merely delays the onset of decay for a period of approximately one to two years.  Decay thereafter proceeds equally rapidly in children who have always had fluoridated water and those who have not.

The study further concludes that fluoridated water also causes dental fluorosis (mottling) in considerable numbers of children subjected to it (my daughter is a good example!).

The artificial fluoridation program is based on the assumption that individuals drink 4 glasses of water daily.  Children and adults drink different amounts of water.  Fluorides can also be found in tea, soft drinks, beer, fish and other foodstuffs.

Fluoride is stored in the bones, and in older people it is associated with bone diseases and damage to the kidneys, nervous system, blood systems and other organs and tissues, as well as skin diseases and other allergic problems.

Don’t confuse fluoridation with chlorination.  Chlorine is used to purify water – to kill communicable germs. You can taste it, and when used for cooking it boils off.  Fluoride is colorless, odorless and tasteless; it is NOT intended for purification, but to medicate the drinker;  boiling drives off the water and thus increases the concentration of fluoride!

Several kinds of fluorides are used in water supplies:  sodium fluoride is a by-product of the aluminum industry.  It is VERY CORROSIVE and also adds sodium (a salt) to the water.

Hydrofluorosilicic acid is named to indicate the chief elements in the compound.  First, “hydro” means hydrogen gas; “fluoro” means fluorine gas, and “silicic” means vaporized silica sand. This sand is used to make glass and in itself is a water contaminant.

A Canadian manufacturer says hydrofluorosilicic acid is a by-product of phosphoric acid (fertilizer) production.  After it has been extracted, it was neutralized and simply thrown away. Now, it is retained in special rubber-lined storage tanks (it will eat it’s way through a 1/4 inch steel plate in a few minutes!).

The Department of Health recently recommended that persons living in cities with fluoridated water purchase water softeners to combat corrosive effects of fluorides in water pipes throughout the home.

Dental decay is not caused by a deficiency of fluoride.  The main cause of decay is excessive consumption of carbohydrates in the form of sugar and white flour products, aggravated by eating between meals and by lack of tooth brushing and flossing.

Attention to good diet and oral hygiene gives far better dental protection than fluoridation of drinking water.

Our family takes calcium fluoride tablets (available at most any health food store) and we eat LOTS of calcium-rich foods and take bone meal or dolomite capsules.  My daughter’s teeth were so brittle several years ago (and the water in St. Louis was fluoridated when we lived there) that the dentist had to cap her teeth because the tooth chipped out around the filling!  Since her diet has improved, the addition of fluoride tablets and, strangely enough, NO fluoridated water, NO cavities in the last four check ups!

Jan Postlewait

Resident of Waverly, NE

May 7, 1974