Does anyone offer EWOT? Exercising with Oxygen Therapy!

Amanda McLawhorn Klimt asked me if I know anyone who offers EWOT – exercising with oxygen therapy…?


Yes… contact Mike White at He offers new and refurbished oxygen generators you can use at home while you exercise and he also sells rebounders, which I LOVE because they increase your lymph and blood circulation about 87 percent in 10-15 minutes, even if your feet never leave the surface of the rebounder!

I met a lady about 8 years ago who had been IN BED for over 6 years. At 92 she saw her friends rapidly increase their clarity, mobility, stamina and energy in less than 2 months – to the point where she demanded to be taken out of bed and put into a wheel chair so she could go to the fitness center they were attending to learn WHAT they were doing! She started bouncing every day like they were… and in 6 months she was out walking 2 miles a day!!!

I believe if they were using oxygen while on the rebounder, their progress would have been even more rapid and DRAMATIC!



NOTE from Jan Jenson (The Wellth Coach):

Now that I’m about 85 percent BETTER (what a FABULOUS way to end a perfectly LOUSY year – broken hip, broken knee, heart problems, pneumonia, TWO collapsed vertebrae that required Balloon Kyphoplasty back surgery on November 11, 2014), I plan on digging out my wonderful Urban Rebounder (purchased on and using my oxygen generator to introduce oxygen into my body while I slowly rebuild my strength lightly bouncing… I WILL let my readers here know how I am progressing with EWOT!!!  And this should be an ULTIMATE challenge – because I’m 71 and have been virtually a couch slug for an entire year!