Why I chose not to vaccinate my child during his developmental years

by Wesley Burwell

I would like to share why I chose not to vaccinate my child during his developmental years. I apologize for this being very long but well worth the read…..
It is your right as a parent to vaccinate your child just like it is my right not to. I am not telling people what they should do, I only suggest looking at the facts and making an educated decision on whether you should or shouldn’t. I personally have seen enough evidence to not trust that all is well in the vaccination world and have documented evidence that many of these vaccinations contain wild viruses as well as toxicities that can cause havoc in a body which has a compromised immune system or even a healthy person. All told, they are the lesser of the 2 evils, but still the icing on the cake, so to speak and here is why.
We were all told that mercury amalgums were ok to put into our teeth, yet when they remove it years later the dentist is required to treat it like biohazardous waste…WTF??? And they are still putting them in people…you have to ask yourself why??? Especially now that the FDA has finally said that it is not safe for children or pregnant mothers???? What about everyone else???
One of the things that I have personally witnessed as a common denominator with almost all children I have dealt with that have become autistic, spectrum disorder or even ADHD shortly after vaccination is that their mother had mercury amalgums while carrying the baby. Mercury is known to bind to the fat cells that line the nervous system and it strips it off causing the nerve to underfunction or die.

Watch the university of Calgary’s video’s on their website. It also will shutdown the ability for the liver to produce the enzymes and specific chemical processes to detox the body so the stuff cannot be put out of the body of the mother or the developing child inside the mother. Toxicities that are in the body of the mother will be shared with the fetus as they can pass through the placental barrier, based on Environment Working Groups research. You now have a strong possibility that the baby will not be able to deal with excess toxicities or be able to chemically break them down and get rid of them, just like Mom can’t but she has had years to accumulate and a much larger body to distribute and keep the damage from being “excessive” or symptomatic. The baby now has the same toxic concentration as an adult in a small body which is rapidly developing but in a weakened state.

Let’s also not forget that wherever there is toxicities, viruses will also be present which love to live on nerve cells and keep them underfunctioning, sometimes for your whole life, hampering future development or present maintenance. And yes, they too can pass through the placental barrier. Male children have less body fat (specifically around the nervous system) then females based on the chromosomal makeup due to the sex of the baby, hence why women have higher body fat percentage. Most of it is extra covering/protection on the nerves.

When a male child gets a vaccination with even tiny amounts of mercury or toxicities, the liver cannot deal with it and it strips the fat from the nerves causing damage, whereas it may not be enough to strip the nerves of the female child. The ratio of male children that are autistic is through the roof in comparison to females, and this is why.

Did it damage the female child…oh yes, just not enough for it to break the camel’s back, but maybe enough to become ADD or ADHD. My wife, Christine had numerous mercury amalgums which we can only guess were the reason that she had a few miscarraiges when we tried to have our first. We decided to give up trying to have a child as it was taking its toll emotionally, physically, and psychologically. We both decided to do a detox program to improve our health. As part of it she started having her mercury fillings removed professionally. She had three quadrants of them removed and was on a detox program to remove the excess metals and mercury. Interestingly, she got half way through the detox and got pregnant and carried to full term and we had to stop the detox program.

Knowing that we were going to have a son and the presence of residual mercury still present, there was no way we were going to take a chance. We have a 6 year old son that is very healthy and has only had a few days where he was sick, which never lasted more than a few days. He has been around other kids and is also exposed to ME which is probably the biggest disease “carrier” in the family due to my constant travelling in different countries and numerous international airports….no ill effects, yet.

We use light therapy in our household on a constant basis to keep our immune systems at a high functioning level so that it can clear whatever it comes in contact with and it has been working wonderfully for the most part. The only real thing that keeps your body from being overcome by disease is keeping your immune system upregulated and stress (which is primarily driven by fear) is what weakens it.

The authority on health, the National Institute of Health declared in 2010, that “95% of all disease is caused by stress.” Making decisions based on others non-validated fears do not work for me. I prefer to research and find the facts….for me and my family, because if I allow someone to harm my child or my family whether through vaccinations or otherwise, it will be on my shoulders, no one else, but it won’t be through my ignorance. Please don’t ask me why your doctor doesn’t know this information, mine didn’t either. I took a valid interest to cut through the “bullshit” (unlike Penn and Teller) when I had a child. Besides, listening to a pair of comedians on whether to vaccinate or not is fucking hilarious all by itself….

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