Organic Raw Peach Pie

Jay Kordich with raw peach pie

Organic Raw Peach Pie!

Today was a sacred day for me and my family Our youngest son, Jayson got married today. The entire wedding was Vegan and it was a glorious sunny day in Washington. Linda made a great Organic Raw Peach Pie.

We wanted to share the great (super easy to make Linda says) recipe with you!


Part 1:

2 cups Soaked Almonds (overnight, then rinse)
1 cup Raisins

Blend it in the Cuisinart until it becomes soft and oily (where it looks like dough for spreading as a crush) and use your hands to make the crust in a 9 inch x 1 inch deep pie pan.

Part 2:

Blend this (below) in the blender until smooth. (use this as a topping):

2 Mangos (peeled)
1 Young Coconut meat with its water

Part 3.

Slice into thin slices to build the inner pie:

3 Organic, ripe Peaches
1 Banana (peeled)

Pour the topping over the top of the Pie and let sit in the refrigerator for a few hours.

It is so delicious, I cannot tell you in words ~ you must try!

Anybody that makes this pie and takes a photograph to share with us is going to get a rare autographed copy of our Hardcover book: Live Foods/Live Bodies!