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This excellent article came out about 2.5 years ago. I was rereading it and
felt it was one that needed to be reposted, reread, and reiterated.

paul doyon
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Electropollution and the Decline in Health of a Nation
———— ——— ———

The biggest health threat to the US is electropollution. The explosion of
iPhones, Blackberries, WiFi, WiMax, video game consoles and even
remote-control toys has fundamentally changed our electrical environment.
You can’t see it, you can’t taste it, you can’t touch it; but the air all
around us is increasingly filled with electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that
is penetrating our bodies and disrupting our body chemistry – perhaps

Every moment of every day, invisible fields of electrons are striking our
bodies like tiny darts, triggering dozens of bio-chemical reactions, which
undermine our health and stealthily lay the groundwork for disease.

How does this happen? As Nobel-prize nominee, Dr. Robert Becker described
in “The Body Electric,” our brains; our hearts and every one of the seven
trillion cells in our bodies operate on electrical impulses. These
minuscule electrical fields can easily be disrupted by the electropollution
around us, especially when frequency *wavelength* is in the brainwave
region (0-33 hertz), or matches up with and resonates with
electrically- charged particles like ions and chemicals or organs of the
body. Becker also found that healing only takes place if the current at the
point of injury is negatively charged. When it turns positive, the healing
process shuts down. So, even our ability to heal is fundamentally dependent
upon electrical fields and thus subject to interference from ambient EMR.
In the 1960s NASA found that astronauts would lose up to 50% of their bone
mass in just weeks without the presence of the earth’s *natural
*electromagnetic field. Later an artificial version of the earth’s electromagnetic field was
added to the spacecraft, which reduced the problem.

Human life could not exist without the presence of *natural *electromagnetic
fields. But what about the explosion of *artificial* magnetic fields around
us, how are these burgeoning signals affecting us? Since the early 1960s,
there has been an ongoing debate between scientists, government, industry
and the military as to the health impacts on humans from electromagnetic
radiation. In fact more than 16,000 studies have tackled the issue. Now,
more than 6000 studies connect wireless and other EMR with more than 122
biological effects. Another 10,000 fail to find the connection. US
regulators and policy-makers are using these numbers as a rationale to
continue to approve the deployment of *unproven* technologies. They
typically claim that there is no consensus in the science. Despite the
science showing a better than 1 in 3 chance (38%) that wireless
technologies are causing bio-effects, these regulators and policy-makers
are *betting* that these ‘untested’ technologies won’t make us sick. But
how do they know?

The US government is neither tracking the health effects of these newly
adopted technologies nor has it funded a single non-classified study on the
biological effects of wireless technologies since the late 1990’s. During
that time twelve new ubiquitous technologies have been rolled-out,
including public WiFi, 3rd generation (3G) cell phones, 3G Cellular
networks, Bluetooth, WiMax, DECT cordless phones, 4G cell phones and broad
deployments of GPS in cars, phones and devices. Meanwhile the fourteen
international scientists, who produced the BioInitiative Report

<http://www.bioinitiative.org/>*) document more than two thousand, mostly
independent studies, which connect wireless and other EMR with the
following: DNA damage, brain cancer, Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, children’s
cancers (leukemia), immune system dysfunction, cardiac symptoms, alteration
of melatonin production, inflammation and electromagnetic sensitivity. The
630 page report also links numerous modern age symptoms such as headaches,
sleep disturbances, concentration issues, fuzzy thinking, joint and muscle
pain and memory loss to wireless.

As science is often crippled by abstract experiments with unproven
simplifying assumptions, a better way to judge and validate scientific
findings may be to look at the key health trends:

Beginning in the 1980’s at the advent of the ‘wireless revolution’ a
profound change in our national health began to quietly unfold. It began
with the emergence of a bevy of previously-unknown auto-immune diseases
like chronic fatigue (CFS), lupus, environmental illness (EI) and
fibromyalgia. Soon an explosion in neurological disorders began with Lou
Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s and
Alzheimer’s all showing a dramatic increase. Next, the incidence of certain
cancers began to suddenly rise such as melanoma, testicular, lymphoma,
breast and prostate cancers. Then, in the 1990s, ailments like diabetes,
attention deficit disorder (ADD/ ADHD) and Autism began to explode.

In the past fifteen years sleep disturbances and mood disorders have
sky-rocketed. In the 1970s only about 4% suffered from sleep issues. It is
now closer to 60%. Meanwhile more than 18 million Americans are clinically
diagnosed as depressed. Depression in children is growing at 23%. It should
be no surprise that the top selling pharmaceutical drugs are for pain,
depression, and sleep.

What has happened to our health?

It might surprise you to know that the 1950s, when there were few health
clubs; the American diet was loaded with fat; vitamin supplements were
rare; executives downed three martinis at lunch and everyone smoked like a
smokestack, may have been the healthiest decade ever. Expectations for
getting cancer were only 1 in 6; it is now 1 in 2 for men. Alzheimer’s,
Multiple Sclerosis and most modern autoimmune diseases were unheard of.
Neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and ALS were rare. Diabetes was
only beginning to emerge and heart disease for young people was unusual.

In the previous three decades, we had extended the average life expectancy
from 55 to 72 years – a 31% gain. Well here’s the good news: we now live to
80 – 8 more years. But more than half of that eight year gain is spent in a
nursing home, suffering from either dementia, or Alzheimer’s.

What has happened to our health?

Despite the many advances in medicine during the 20th century, the US and
other industrialized nations have been experiencing explosions in disease
and pervasive ill-health. While many scientists and the pharmaceutical
industry are rushing to find drugs to manage the symptoms of these
illnesses, almost no progress has been made to find *root causes.* Theories
abound on the causes and underlying factors for the big six diseases:
cancer, heart disease, diabetes, neurological disorders (Alzheimer’s et
al), autoimmune disorders and allergies (asthma). But none are conclusive.

We’ve gotten really good at managing symptoms the past two decades but no
one can explain the spontaneous explosion of the six major disease groups
with no obvious connection that began in the 1980’s. Almost everyone agrees
that these diseases are closely associated with environmental, and/or
lifestyle choices. We hear incessantly about the importance of diet and
exercise; the impacts from smoking; and exposures to chemicals and other
toxins in our environment. But are these the lead causes, or simply
supporting actors in the emerging health drama?

Millions are spent each year on research, attacking the possible causation
of the big six diseases. Most of this research is approached from either a
purely biological or chemical angle. Sometimes there is an
interdisciplinary approach, involving experts in biology and chemistry. Yet
the human organism is clearly much more than simply the sum of body parts,
operating in a bio-chemical paradigm. The missing factor is the role of
electrical energy and the tiny electromagnetic fields that are triggering
our heart, our brain, our endocrine system and constantly transmitting
messages to every cell in our body. As few scientists are trained across
biology, chemistry and electricity, we are left in the dark as to the
interrelationship of all three key factors. More importantly we are blinded
by continuing to ignore the pivotal role of electrical disturbances
transmitted from our environment that is setting off a chain of
bio-chemical events that are leading to an epidemic of disease.

Is electropollution the *unifying factor* in the exploding diseases that
are making us all so sick?

*New Evidence*

In the past several months, there have been two potentially landmark events
that shed new light on the science, linking EMR from wireless technologies
to broad health impacts, dozens of biological effects and virtually all of
the currently exploding diseases.

In July 2010, a previously unrecognized collection of nearly 5000 studies
linking low-level wireless signals to bioeffects was discovered by noted
scientist, Magda Havas, PhD of Trent University in Ontario, Canada. More
than 2300 of these studies, concerned with radio-frequency and microwave
radiation, were compiled by Dr. Zorach Glaser, PhD, an officer in the US
Navy at the request of the Naval Medical Research Institute. Many of these
studies were previously classified and others originated in Eastern Block
nations such as the USSR, Poland and Czechoslovakia and have only recently
been translated. Here is a sampling from Dr. Glaser’s report on the *122
biological phenomena (effects)

<http://www.prove-it.co/content/biological-impacts> and clinical
manifestations attributed to microwave and radio-frequency radiation*:

This treasure trove of “lost” science that was compiled at the request of
the US Navy opens the door for a real renaissance in research for
scientists, who are examining the link between wireless technologies and
impacts to our health. But will it be enough to awaken the US government to
this call to action?

Meanwhile in a spectacular announcement that got very little coverage in
August 2010, noted epidemiologist, Samuel Milham, MD makes the link between
the growth of electrification and the incidence of four of the big six
diseases. In “*Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of

” Dr. Milham connects *dirty electricity* with heart disease, cancer, diabetes,
neurological disorders like ALS and suicide.

Dirty electricity refers to unusable electrical energy, which is caused by
the interference of electronics on the power lines within your home, office
or public building. It is virtually everywhere. Dirty electricity is
created by fluorescent lights, dimmer switches, cell phone chargers, plasma
TVs, laptop computers and the dramatic increase of electronics all around
us. Seven studies have shown that what is considered *electrical noise* on
power lines is also biologically-active. (Havas, Milham, Morgan et al).
These studies, many of which were performed in schools, shows that this
electrical noise may be causing, or worsening health conditions such as
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), chronic fatigue, diabetes (glucose rise)
and asthma.

Eerily four of the diseases most associated with *inflammation* – cancer,
heart disease, diabetes and neurological disorders are directly linked to
dirty electricity. Both Dr. Zorach Glaser’s bibliography and the
BioInitiative Report  –  www.bioinitiative.org
http://www.bioinitiative.org/  separately connect electrical fields from
wireless technologies with inflammation.

If the inflammation connection can be confirmed, then we may have solved
the most important health issue of our time. If wireless technologies cause
inflammation and inflammation leads to:


heart disease

autoimmune disease


Neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and MS

Attention Deficit Disorder

as TIME Magazine proposes in “The Fires Within,” then the mystery of these
diseases, which have been exploding since the advent of the wireless
revolution in the 1980’s may be finally solved!

Meanwhile a nationwide roll-out of the smart grid, super WiFi and 4G
cellular networks is about to begin. With these three powerful and
‘untested’ wireless technologies poised to be deployed, the time has never
been better to pause and ask the question:

*Are we willing to take the bet that these wireless technologies won’t make
us sick?*

And what will we tell our children, if we are wrong?

– Alex Richards


Electropollution and the Decline in Health of a Nation http://prd34.blogspot.com/2011/12/electropollution-and-decline-in-health.html