The Power of Cilantro



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The Power of Cilantro!

It’s not just a side dish herb for Mexican Food, far from it!

Cilantro looks very much like Parsley, that is, until you taste it. Parsley has a very strong pungent taste to it, and Cilantro has a lovely mild spicy flavor as well as a nice citrus taste. Some people detest it saying it tastes like soap, but I say please for those of you who don’t like the taste, please read the benefits they bring to us, just in case we can change your mind, or “taste” buds, I guess!

1. Effectively removes heavy metals from the body
2. Effectively (through long time use) it has shown to remove mercury from our tissues. So many of us are suffering from the disorienting effects of mercury poisoning.
3. Our small intestines love this herb, rendering it a powerful and effective aid through its natural oils. Also it helps the peristaltic wave move more efficiently. This helps in healthy elimination.
4. Helps with eye disorders, red eye, macular degeneration
5. Helps our Urinary tract to stave off infections
6. Builds our immune system
7. BLOOD BUILDER! Helps anemia

There are another 10 or so benefits we found, so if what I have mentioned here is enough to interest you, please try juicing this combination frequently, and you’ll be healthier than you can imagine. I recommend 6 cups per week of Cilantro to receive its wonderful benefits. (Juiced of course!)

Magnificent Cilantro!

2 cups Cilantro (packed)
1 inch fresh Ginger Root
2 Limes (organic)
2 cups Spinach or Parsley
1 Beet
1 Apple

It’s important to know as a Juice Therapist, there’s reasons we combine certain herbs/veggies with others, and this is a good one for that. The spinach is a powerful stomach healer, so when combined with Cilantro and Apple, Ginger. Also when you combine Beets with the Cilantro, you are doubling UP on the power of building superior, healthy blood.

You can juice this or blend this combination but I prefer it to be juiced, because the benefits of the GREENS, specifically absorb much better when the fiber is not present.