~ Channeling from Sirius ( channeled trough Mette Garvik) ~

channeling from Sirius

~ Channeling from Sirius ( channeled trough Mette Garvik) ~

Greetings the inhabitants of the planet Earth.We velcome you into the Galactic Federation . Its now close to the time that we will show our appereance . Lies have been told you by your goverments , and those lies have made you all very afraid . We assure you that our intentions are pure and that we seek no more than a cooperation with the inhabitants and their goverments . We come in Peace , so be prepared , and tune us into your hearts . Because your hearts knows whats is true or false . The love that we feel for you , is real , you are our brothers and sisters , and in this last fase of Ascension , you will more and more understand what kind of forces that has been on the planet Earth to keep you down. Those forces are now beeing exsposed right in front of your faces , and thats why your minds are in such chaos , because your minds have been used to manipulate you.

Thats why its so important that you now use your HEART. When there is something you want to have an answer to , try to change focus and focus on your heart instead of your mind . Its quite simple , you just need some time on your own . Because your time has been stealed away from you in order to keep you away from your true self . The materialism has created it , in order to have things you have to work more and more , and the more you get the more you wont , and in the end you loose the ability to be in contact with yourself , and in the end you lose yourself in all this.

But now is the time for change , and this will no longer be your reality . You have a choice , you can just decide for your self that you dont need to be in this race anymore , and let all the good things come to you. Open your HEART dear ones , and heaven will come to you.

With all our love and respect, we are all ONE united in unity ‚ô•