Hemp: Why is it illegal?


Hemp: Why is it illegal?

The Truth about Hemp Legislation.

Usually when we talk with someone unfamiliar and sometimes even judgmental about the subject of hemp, it conjures up images to them of the typical stereotype that is usually placed on cannabis smokers. And that it has no real use at all but to get the high from it. But with a little research you would find that this couldn’t be any more ridiculous or further from the truth. Hemp is actually one of the most useful plants on Earth. Unlike cannabis, it contains such a minuscule amount of THC that you cannot produce the high from it. Why would it be illegal then you ask? Because hemp has over 10,000 uses! From paper to plastic, textiles and food, to medicines such as safe and effective cancer treatments, building materials, ending our reliance on fossil fuels, even enriching the soil it’s grown in and repairing the environment with a safe, environmentally friendly alternative. I’m pretty sure most of us know about the problem we are now facing with the issue of dwindling resources and the ever increasing need for more sustainable practices on the planet. We could literally construct our entire modern world from the most useful plant on earth: HEMP. If you wan’t to get further into it, lets talk more… The corporations of the world would lose billions! The ‘power structure’ would then effectively ‘shift back’ into the hands of the people, where it belongs, making millions of us self-sufficient farmers. People would start growing this stuff in their yards and getting paid to do it! Hemp legislation is just another way for corporations to control us and, if you will, micro-manage every aspect of our lives and preserve/expand their profit. But at what cost? The planet?! It make NO SENSE not to grow this stuff. Except, if you are trying to preserve the corporate rule and monopoly over the land and resources, and ultimately, our lives.

The only reason cannabis is illegal isn’t because the federal government is worried about us getting high. They even recognize the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and have actually patented it. The federal government owns patent ‘US 6630507’ Cannabinoids as ‘antioxidants and neuroprotectants’.. It’s to keep growing HEMP illegal because of the implications it would have to the expanding of their unsustainable industries. Good news is, as hemp/cannabis legislation falls apart, we are seeing states all over the U.S. starting to shift their perspective regarding the matter and legalize the growing of hemp and the use of marijuana, which I see as a basic human right.

A little more about Hemp:

For thousands of years, humans have used parts of the hemp plant for food, textiles, paper, fabric, and fuel oil. Today, modern processing technologies have made it possible to create alternatives to gasoline, plastic, and other petroleum products that can help the human race lessen its reliance on polluting and expensive fossil fuels. The declaration of independence was produced on HEMP paper. It was actually a crime back then NOT to grow hemp on your property.

The hemp plant is a renewable resource that can be produced domestically. It grows quickly, and naturally resists plant diseases, has a RAPID rate of photosynthesis and produces oxygen very quickly, requires little weeding, thrives in most climates, and enriches the soil it grows in. So, you can see why this stuff has been completely valued by people all over the world for thousands of years, and why a corporate ‘elite’ would just recently (in the scale of things) want this useful plant ‘banned’. It was only recently that this extremely useful and long ‘revered’ plant was demonized because of its relation to the ‘marijuana’ plant, which by (what scientists are now revealing in new studies all over the world), can actually cure cancer when ingested properly, and can have some very powerful healing effects to your body according to a recent article from ‘Huffington Post’:

“Scientists find cannabis compound stops metastasis in aggressive cancers:
Huffington Post.

We can also find MUCH information spread out from many other sources now widespread amongst the science and online community. To my surprise, even the mainstream media is starting to come around on the subject. Hopefully, as time goes by, we will see more and more people recognizing the benefits of this plant and praising it for it’s amazing qualities rather than dismissing it because of what a few false, and ultimately ‘biased’ political leaders decided to do over 60 years ago. The time is now to find a new sustainable way to get our daily needs filled and fix the environment at the same time. And from what looks like in my, and I’m sure many others opinion, the only real sustainable solution the planet has to fixing this problem. Get involved on the matter, create HEMP petitions online to help spread the word, call the local representative to you and tell them how you feel, educate others on the benefits of HEMP and the implications it’s availability would have on our planet. Only then can we rise as one and finally be heard on this very important issue.

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Scientists find cannabis compound stops metastasis in aggressive cancers: