Alphabet Soup: Playing with the Secret Energies of Letters

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Have you ever taken a moment, since elementary school, to recite the alphabet? Have you ever felt the shape of the letters as they roll off your tongue? Have you ever noticed how we cannot name the consonants without also sounding a vowel? For example, we can only pronounce the letter “B” with the vowel “E”. Even pronouncing the “B” sound without actually naming the letter requires us to attach an “UH” sound at the end. Have you noticed that certain letters are actually comprised of the combined sounds of other letters, a prime example being “Y”? Have you ever noticed how certain words starting with the same letter have a similar power…love and light for example? Or how words related to the same concept contain similiar sounds…like ocean and shore? What does it all mean?

The alphabet can be described as a set of symbols that represents the sounds of speech in any particular language. There are really only speculations as to how the alphabet came to be. No one really knows the true story, though the Phoenicians are credited with having developed the very first alphabet. Whatever its roots, it is truly an amazing tool. Rather than write my own creation myth about the origins of the alphabet (hmm…sounds like fun), let me just say that over the centuries, the alphabet has been through countless revisions and alterations since its Phoenetic inception. I wonder when it stagnated to become the fixed alphabet we all know and love.

In many of the mystery schools of various cultures, the letters of the alphabet are held as sacred vessels, used in meditations, and considered keys to the doorways of consciousness. In the modern age, most of us simply take the letters of the words we speak for granted, giving their potentials or inherent power virtually no consideration.

This world is vibration. Vibration is the world. Everything, from the ant on the sidewalk to the thought in your head, is made of vibration. The letters of the alphabet, too, are little parcels of vibration, energies encapsulated in symbol. Sure, they carry certain residual and archetypal energies of our history, but they can also be programmed with love. We can work with them to receive their secrets.

In The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound, I write about letters being one of the 10 Gates of Sound. One of the main character’s early lessons with her mystical guide revolves around the hidden significance of the letters of the alphabet. She decides to meditate with these letters after realizing that every single book ever written is written with the same mere twenty-six letters of the alphabet. As she awakens to the idea that each letter can be programmed with intent, she comes to understand that everything she speaks can be a spell for harmony and wisdom.

Imagine if you decided what potent power the letter “A” might hold for you. Perhaps it will be a symbol of the element of air, bringing more movement into your life, clearing stagnation. Or perhaps it would represent appreciation brining that quality to all with whom you spoke. Imagine if every word you spoke that contained the letter “A” from now on radiated with fresh air and appreciation! Or perhaps you are working with the letter “B”. In your meditations, you realize that “B” is a symbol of bouyant joy balanced with being. Now imagine taking each letter of the alphabet and programming it with your intent to generate the energies and qualities that would support you and others. Whether you spoke, prayed, sang or wrote, you would be transmitting these heavenly energies…reminders to yourself and others carried along the channels of a letter’s sound.

There are numerous ways to work with the letters of the alphabet in order to tap into their inherent qualities limited only by your creativity. You can obviously recite them, as we have all learned to do, or you can tone each letter instead (my personal favorite). You can meditate with each letter while using American Sign Language to form each one in order to get in touch with a new dimension of each letter’s power. You can write the letters out, meditating on the shape and feel of them. Recite a letter before bedtime; then watch for clues to the energy of that letter in your dreams. Working with sigils is another powerful way to work magic with the alphabet. You can even dance the alphabet! Explore and discover for yourself the gifts these parcels contain.

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Dielle Ciesco is the author of The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound, the story of one woman’s journey to find her True Voice. She is the creator of Transformational Voicework and Vocal Toning Meditation. Visit her at