How to Heal A Sunburn – Overnight!

how to heal a sunburnovernight

( Sunburn Remedy: Instant Relief and Overnight Healing – Sunburn healing supplies: Clean washcloth, I love these organic cotton cloths, Raw apple cider vinegar, Organic coconut oil. >Heal your sunburn overnight in just 2 steps:

First, wet the washcloth with cold water, then splash on the apple cider vinegar. Dab the wet cloth onto your sunburn, soaking the skin. You should notice instant relief from any stinging! It feels sooo good on a sunburn.

After a few minutes, your skin should be dry.

Now, liberally rub on some coconut oil to the sunburned area. By the next day, your skin should be significantly healed. I recommend continuing with the coconut oil for several days to promote healing and to help ease the skin peeling that is usually inevitable after a burn. Exfoliate and lubricate with more coconut oil!

This worked like a charm for my most recent sunburn. Immediate relief from the stinging, and literally the next day, it wasn’t red anymore. Maaaybe the slightest bit pink. But the sting never came back. Just to be sure, though, I dabbed on another round of the apple cider vinegar, let it dry, then followed with more coconut oil. The following day, it was just tanned skin!

Give this remedy a try next time you get a little too crispy from the sun, and say goodbye to that burn!

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