Empowering your life through gardening

Empowering Your Life Through Gardening
The modern world is filled with worries, filled with fears that can drag you down, but the Growing Dome can help by giving you control over your nutrition. 

An artichoke, standing alone

As an essential for life, food has always been, and still is big in America, big to the point of too big even. With farmers that are focussed on meeting demand and breeding bigger crops, priorities shift from quality to quantity and safe to fast. This can create added worries, especially for parents, about what in fact enters our bodies through the foods we eat. However, when you grow your own food in a Growing Dome, it puts the reins steering your health back into your hands. You know what went into the meals you consume and how much of it too. This assurance leads to a peace of mind, and in turn, a less stressful and healthier life.    

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