Health Assurance

Health Insurance Assurance

by David Lowell

We live in a world gone insane, where almost everything is seemingly under attack to destroy the human race. The majority of the food being grown at least in this country no longer supports life but is destructive to it. So far studies have shown that genetically modified food can cause sterilization and cancer. The water supplies in many areas are either fluoridated or the groundwater contaminated by fracking for oil recovery. Perhaps the most insane area is the medical arena.

Mainstream medicine has been touting the preventative medicine trumpet for years, and yet, what they call prevention is simply more invasive detection. Often, it’s the idea of catching an issue early enough that the patient can survive the treatment. The fact that the diagnostic procedures are themselves questionable and often downright harmful is something they push aside citing often manipulated statistics to justify their stance. The American public is so overmedicated that most major cities have water supplies contaminated with prescription meds excreted by its citizens. Most people are conditioned to spend thousands to insure that when they get sick, they can be treated with toxic chemicals in the guise of medicines and invasive procedures which traumatize the body, all of which have become one of the leading causes of death in this country. I prefer to spend my time, energy and money on “Health Assurance”.

In China, before the Cultural Revolution, each family had an acupuncturist who came regularly to treat the whole family. He was paid to keep everyone well. If someone got sick then he worked for free until the person was healed. That’s health assurance; you pay for health, not illness.

For the past thirty five years I have been involved with Energy Medicine and other “Complimentary/Alternative” forms of healing. It started sporadically, with the failure of allopathic medicine to give me relief and healing from multiple injuries. Yes I am grateful to the surgeon who managed to reconstruct my wrist, but the treatment for the subsequent pain was not viable and was definitely inadequate to cover the multitude of insults to my back, nervous system and spinal cord from several auto incidents; one as a pedestrian. Add a case of Lyme’s Disease and Epstein Barr Virus to that and you have an agonizing mix with a very limited prospect of cure.

Although my education has not been played out in a formal setting, my journey has taken me through a broad spectrum of healing modalities. In many, I was simply the client/patient and through others, I discovered a gift in my formerly limiting, intuitive and empathic nature.

Over the course of time I have adopted certain modalities and products as those that support my nature and have helped others do the same. There are those homeopathic remedies and herbs/supplements which are specific to me and which keep the doctor away. Likewise my diet has proven crucial in reversing many degenerative processes. Actually I have not seen an MD in over ten years and that was only to satisfy an auto insurance company so I could continue to receive the complimentary treatment my body responded to. I can vaguely recall of mildly having a virus for two to three days, about 6 years ago.

The other aspect is the more subtle arena of the mental, emotional and spiritual, all of which can have a tremendous impact on health. The U.S. National Institute of Health has estimated that up to 90% of all degenerative diseases are caused by stress. My spiritual training gives me tools to deal with stress and they can be quite effective when applied assiduously. What most of these tools miss is the phenomenon of cellular and field memory. You can forgive someone for having run a red light but the imprint of the impact is etched into the cells’ memory to the point that they will reproduce with the injury still in the blueprint. You can forgive your parents for the dynamic which surrounded your birth, but it takes a much deeper focus to clear the impact upon your body/mind. I had the good fortune of discovering a way of clearing this cellular and field memory over twenty years ago. It was this work which brought me to the realization that my purpose for this lifetime, is to help alleviate human suffering.

In addition to the above, I have encountered a few devices which can have a tremendous impact on health. One of the hardest parts is navigating the parade of huckster companies trying to cash in wherever they sense a profit is to be squeezed and whose voices are often much louder than the integrous, whether it be in the field of supplements, education or devices. Once you’ve run the gauntlet, rebounders provide exercise to the whole body and improve circulation and lymph flow and passive “Chi” machines can also improve circulation and lymph flow on a more limited basis. Saunas and far infrared devices can have a positive effect on health and vitality, but my favorite so far is light therapy devices.

I was first introduced to the delights of light therapy devices when a friend sent me a laser system to play with.  It was interesting, a laser surrounded by LEDs and reportedly programmed with a host of frequencies designed to heal what ails you. I enjoyed working with the laser and received some benefit from it, but is was LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) which really brought home the bacon, in term of results.

When optimally programmed, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) can assist in releasing cellular memory, and like a well trained massage therapist, trigger the release of stress held in the cells. But they can do more than a massage therapist in that they penetrate much deeper into the body/mind, into the depths of us clearing and reprogramming. It can trigger the body to produce more of a molecule called Nitric Oxide (NO) which is its natural vasodilator and neurotransmitter. According to Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis Ignaro, NO is involved in every cellular function in the body so having more can be highly beneficial and help bring the body back into balance, turning back the hands of time.  

NO repairs blood and lymph vessels and helps keep them fully functional. It also has disease fighting attributes and has been shown to block the reproduction of every virus they have tested. Add to that anti fungal and bacterial properties and you have a broad spectrum pathogen defense system. Then there are the neurological benefits as shown by numerous studies in alleviating neuropathy in diabetes patients among many others. Today, Google search displayed over 1,000,000 results for Light Emitting Diode Therapy Studies dealing with everything from cognitive function, to viral and bacterial infection, to eyes, heart disease, sexual dysfunction, pain, neuropathy etc.

In addition, something magical happens when a request/prayer, in the form of pure intent and surrender, is invoked in an environment of a willing participant and a profusion of nitric oxide. The flow of information and energy is elevated to new heights, and there becomes available a high speed transport capable of moving energy, in thoughts and emotions, facilitating shifts in functionality, while at the same time restoring/maintaining an increase in circulation and blood supply and increasing the life force energy available to the body/mind. Some of this energy is absorbed and stored, adding to the body’s reserves, increasing its ability to withstand future stress and strife. 

As I continue to study these things, I become more and more convinced that here is the ultimate tool to assist in improving and maintaining health. The enormous amount of research into this field has removed any concerns I might have had about growing old and feeble. In fact they have been highly beneficial in releasing the impact of past stresses from the body. Even my eyesight appears to have improved and symptoms of cataracts disappeared. As I deepen my commitment to giving myself and my clients the benefit of my discoveries, we are growing biologically younger, with more energy, less discomfort and even a more youthful appearance. This investment is what I call my “Health Assurance”.


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David Lowell has been working with energy and healing for 30 years. He is an ordained minister and a Certified Quantum Light Therapy Coach. His clients and students include people from all walks of life on 5 continents. He is the author of “The Struggle to Surrender: Love, Consciousness & The Quantum Field” and publishes “Perspectives” an irregular free Ezine. To see more articles by David and find out about his work go to =>

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