God – can you tell me just what I need to know?

Gog can you just tell me


9 minutes ago

God, can you just tell me what I need to know?
Or where I need to go?

Am I screwing everything up or am I doing well?
And if I do it wrong, will I go to hell?

Is it okay if I don’t believe in this terrible place,
Where I have been told I can never see your face?

Should I be afraid of you and can I make you mad?
The thought of you not being there makes me terribly sad.

Some would say you are not real and that you don’t exist.
But I am telling them about you with a slight enlightened twist.

Everything they touch is you and all that they see.
And that includes you and includes me.

I tell them there is no where or nothing that is not you
And if they to understand you to discover who they are.
And they will see you in a child or a shooting star.

I know you are love in all things
and that you exist in
the flowers or a sparrow’s wings.

I think you want the highest and the best for each and everyone.
You gave us all a gift of free will, you did not give us guns.

Show the way that cannot be ignored.
Show us our hearts.
Help us in ways we understand.

Let me be your steward.
Let me be your love personified.
Help me to really live while I am alive.

God, just know I am grateful and I love you so very much.
You touch my life, you touch me, you touch us all.
You are there everytime I hit a wall.

Yes God, I believe, I really do.
I believe with all my soul, in you.
Oh yes, I do!

~ Lady D ~