Mental health and chiropractic

Since anything that relieves stress, tends to heal dis-ease of any kind,
why the surprise at chiropractic? Or, hypnosis? Or patent medicine, Or
meditation, Or basically whatever the unconscious mind thinks is helping.I have been amazed that more Chiropractors aren’t selling my NT CD’s, I
would think it is a “perfect” adjunct to chiropractic. First of all, it
takes up to 3 months to reach reasonably full potential. In the interim,
the person is also doing chiropractic, while in this interim period the
health is gradually increasing, and various good symptoms are seen. Thus,
the chiropractor gets all the “credit” , but the majority of stress relief
is coming from the CD.I know that chiropractors (and psychologists and MD’s) are literally
trained to “keep patients coming back”, but I would think that the
word-of-mouth would gain many more “customers. Not being “educated”  in the
“usual schools, I always thought that my job was to “get rid of my patient
by healing him/her as fast as possible” .

Phil Bate PhD – Orthomolecular Psychologist (30 plus years)
Inventor of NT Therapy – An inexpensive, effective approach &
“at home” therapy for ADD- autism, insomnia, depression etc

Note from Dr. Bate:

One of my clients lost her husband 5 months ago, and we met 3+ months ago and she got the
Special. NT CD. She can’t believe all the minor changes in her skin,
joints, and emotions and brain. I wish I really knew how it worked. It’s
way beyond me and I invented this strange cacophony of sound, voice and
music on 3 levels. Luck plays a strange part in doing things, or maybe
direction from something or someone. Who knows? Thanks