Letter from Dr. T. Colin Campbell


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“Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness
should be waiting for us in our graves – or whether it
should be ours here and now and on this earth.”
– Ayn Rand

Letter from Dr. T. Colin Campbell

I know of two men who awaken each day long before
the sun’s first light and attempt to change the
world for the better in their own unique way.
One is myself, and the other is a kindred spirit,
Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Yesterday, Notmilk posted this column regarding
Dr. Campbell’ s new literary effort which is well on its
way to selling the first million of many millions of
books to follow.


Dr. Campbell’ s letter to Robert, received at 4:25 AM today,
posted with Dr. Campbell’ s permission:

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I am overwhelmed by Robert Cohen’s review of my book!
I’ve often told others that his writing on science is
as good as it gets–no one is better. I’d be more than
happy if I could do as well.

I value his reaction because I know that he is not a man
to pull his punches. He and I have not always agreed but
I rest my case on that old adage, “Show me two people who
always agree and I will show you someone who is not thinking.”
He often has made me think in ways that are truly original.

I admit that I am enthused about the concept of “whole”
because it helps me to answer questions like why do medical
schools fail to teach the discipline of nutrition, why do we
have a constant din of public confusion about nutrition, why
are health care costs so outrageously high, why do we spend
a zillion times more money on genetic research than on nutrition
research, why is the randomized clinical trial considered the
gold standard when it is not, why do so many people put so much
priority on affordable drugs as the key to good health?

Why, why, why… I used to think that that word “wholesome’ was
the language of boring goody, goody people but now, no longer!

I am honored to say that Robert and I agree.

T. Colin Campbell
Jacob Schurman Professor Emeritus
of Nutritional Biochemistry
Cornell University

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A few years ago, I had a long private conversation
with a man who has become one of my favorite authors
of fiction, which also include animal rights themes. I
predicted to him that he would one day win a Nobel Prize,
and he did just that a few years later.
His name is John Coetzee.

In a similar manner, I am making an easy prediction
regarding Dr. Campbell’ s book, WHOLE.
Pulitzer Prize, anybody?
The book is THAT good!


WHOLE is the Truth, the WHOLE  Truth, and Nothing
but the Truth.

“Three things cannot be long hidden:
the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
– Buddha

Robert Cohen