Holistic Iridology, Emotion Code, Energy Healing, Cardio Screening

Holistic Iridology, Emotion Code, Energy Healing, Cardio Screening

Discover what your EYES say about your health concerns, your genetic predispositions, thought and emotional patterns, even your SOUL level issues you are here learning to master!

Your eyes are your Universal Blueprint!  Everyone’s eyes are unique and contain a wealth of information.  It is the most complex tissue structure of the body, connected to your brain, bio-chemistry, blood, lymph, nervous system, and more!  After taking a full series of Iris and Sclera (whites) photos, Jane does a detailed analysis of your body systems including digestive, immune, nervous, lymph, and more.  Then it often includes meridian kinesiology to check your acupuncture points to see if you have any nutritional deficincies, chemical imbalances, structural weaknesses, or emotional blockages.  Then a detailed personalized health program is developed for you.  Cardio screening can also be done with a Digital Pulsewave Analyzer to see your arterial aging, circulation, and risk factors.

EMOTION CODE WORK – If you think you have any emotional blockages, you are RIGHT!  If you have chronice pain, or recurring emotions that are triggered easily, or keeping you from truly healing and achieving what you want and need in life, come try an Emotion Code session!  This work can also be done over the phone!  It is a simple technique that can quicly identify and release any TRAPPED emotions, whether they are from earlier in your childhood, prenatally, or even inherited at the moment of conception!  See and feel the difference when they are released!  Please visit www.ultimatehealing.com for more info!  Call Jane at 828-777-5263 for an appt. 

I will be in my Northampton office for the next month, then back in Asheville mid-July!  Call for your appointment today!  


About Jane Smolnik,ND, Iridologist, Certified Intuive Healer

                                                                         Jane Smolnik has been in the Holistic Health field for almost 30 years.  She holds a doctorate in Natural Medicine, is a Diplomat in Holistic Iridology, certified as an Intuitive Healer and Advanced Energy Healing.  She is certified in cardio vascular screening using the Digital Pulsewave Analyzer and Heart Rate Variability testing.  She is also well trained in Meridian Reflex Analysis and Emotion Code work among many other trainings.  She draws on her wide background of knolwledge, as well as a keen intuitive sense and inner guidance system.


She is also a trainer and instuctor for Solas Academy, teaching the Advanced Level training for Quantum Light Coach certification.  Jane travels extensively, bringing her knowledge, insights and wisdom to many!

Her passion is working with people to feel empowered, inspired, and commited to restoring their health and vitality naturally.  Please call her office at 413-345-0088, or visitwww.ultimatehealing.com for more info.

I will be in my Northampton office for the next month, then back in Asheville mid-July.  Call for your appointment today!