Prepare for a Good End of Life: Judy MacDonald Johnston

Americans – and maybe Westerners, in
general are not well-prepared for our
own deaths, let alone for the pragmatic
decisions that must be made not only
at the death of our loved ones, but in
the years that lead to their demise.

If we fully understood that we were
spiritual beings having a human experience,
which is my personal belief, things might be
less rough for older folks and the way that they
allow themselves to be manhandled at the end
of their bodies’ lives.

Judy MacDonald Johnston, former Worldwide
Project Marketing Manager at Hewlett Packard
and co-founder/publisher of Blue Lake Children’s
Publishing, shares how she managed the “End
of Life” scenarios of two loved ones and how
this may serve as an example for any of us
who are ill-prepared for the inevitable, with our
beloved companions.