Broccoli sprouts prevent formation of cancerous cells

broccoli sprouts

According to the research conducted by the scientists at John Hopkins, young broccoli sprouts contain a substance called sulforaphane, which are effective against fighting cancer and also prevents the formation of cancerous cells. This compound is present in high concentration in broccoli sprouts.

Nasal allergies, respiratory problems such as asthma ‘wheeze out’ with regular intake of broccoli sprouts. Sulforaphane the substance, which helps to fight cancer, is also anti-inflammatory and this property aids in reducing the inflammation in the airways, caused by allergic reaction or otherwise. This way, broccoli sprouts health benefits decongest problems related to asthma.

Another notable health benefit of broccoli sprouts is for people suffering from peptic ulcers. The cancer prevention center brought out a detailed report in 2009, to demonstrate that broccoli sprouts health benefits reach out to people infected with H.pylori bacteria, where daily intake of the sprouts for two months showed a much lesser manifestation of the disease, thereby, reducing the formation of ulcers.

Broccoli Sprouts Health Benefits:


INSIGHT: At the present time, broccoli sprouts are not being grown commercially. However you can grow them yourself quite easily. You can purchase organic broccoli seeds from Johnny’s at 207-437-4301. Item number 148, four ounces are $9.00 or a pound for $12.00. Non-organic seeds can probably be purchased through farm supply stores or other seed catalogs. You can also call Jaffe Brothers at 619-749-1133 for instructions on how to sprout. They also sell sprouting lids to apply to Ball jars which make the entire process quite convenient. The library or health food store may also have some instructions on sprouting seeds.

A small amount of spouts go a long way. A pound of sprouts will probably make over ten pounds of sprouts which from the researchers calculations translates up to as much cancer protecting phytochemicals as 1000 pounds (half a ton) of broccoli! The other major benefit is that the sprouts don’t smell as you don’t have to cook them. They are eaten raw, usually as an addition to salad. I have already ordered my sprouts. I suspect that there are similar benefits for many of the other vegetables when eaten as sprouts. From the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1997;94:10367-10372)

Sprouting Instructions:

Sprouting Time 5-7 days Temperatures 60-80

Yield 1 Tbs seed=1-1 1/2 cups sprouts

Place seeds in the jar and cover with cheesecloth or other porous material. Secure the cloth with a rubber band. Fill the jar full with filtered water and let soak overnight. I have had some patients tell me that distilled water actually works much better than filtered or bottled water as it seems to increase the percentage of seeds that sprout successfully.

In the morning drain off the water. The cloth will keep the seeds in the jar. Rinse seeds with water again and let drain. You can also use reusable plastic sprouting lids (available from Jaffe Brothers at 619-749-1133) which attach to Ball jars. This avoids having to use new cheesecloth each time. Put the container on its side in a dark location that stays about 70 degrees. Rinse twice each day with water and drain. Continue the rinse cycle until harvested. When sprouts are 1-2 inches long you can put them in the light to green them up. You can rinse out the hulls or skim them of the top of the water with a spoon. They are not harmful to eat but removing them minimizes spoilage when sprouts are stored. Sprouts are best stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator and keep for about one week.