Did you know that D.D. Palmer invented chiropractics as a way to re-align the chakras by adjusting the physical body

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Did you know that D.D. Palmer invented chiropractics as a way to re-align the chakras by adjusting the physical body? “The dualistic system of spirit and body united by intellectual life (the soul) is the basis of this science of biology”. Ask your chiropractor about D.D. Palmer:)

The state of each chakra reflects the health of a particular area of your body. It also reflects your psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. Each event is recorded into your cells. In other words, “your biography becomes your biology.”

Crown Chakra: Violet – relates to self knowledge/spiritual awareness. It is the union with your higher self, with spirituality, and your higher consciousness.

Brow Chakra: Indigo – being responsible for one’s own life, responsible to oneself to follow the soul’s path and needs and trusting one’s own intuition. Strengthens intuition, imagination, psychic powers, and increases dream activity.

Throat Chakra: Blue – relates to self expression – speech, communication, the ability to communicate our needs and requirements; Spirit of truth and purpose.

Heart Chakra: Green – relates to love/self love – the ability to give and take unconditionally. When balanced we are able to give love and also to love and nurture ourselves.

Solar Plexus: Yellow – relates to self worth. How we feel about ourselves and how we feel others perceive us. This is the area of the personality, the ego and the intellect. Gives us clarity of thought, increases awareness, and stimulates interest and curiosity.

Sacral Chakra: Orange – relates to self respect; having the ability to give ourselves the freedom to be ourselves and helps you expand your interests and activities.

Root Chakra: Red – self awareness. It is the area of survival and stability and your place on this earth. The colour red provides the power from the earth and gives energy on all levels. It connects us to our physical body

Meditation music that matches the vibrational frequency in Hertz (sound waves) with the vibrational frequency of the colour of the chakra in TeraHertz (light waves). In other words, the sound and tones of the colour of the chakra is played to stimulate that energy system during meditation to promote spiritual and physical health: http://www.islandjourneycd.com/Island_Journey/Spirit_Science_%26_Metaphysics.html

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