Portal Opening & Grand Purification

portal opening & grandpurification


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Dear Family of Love!

This weekend we had an immense Gateway opening during the “final” Eclipse of this season/cycle (May 25th – 26th). Many even called this the “Portal opening”. It doesn’t even matter how we call it, for what is important is for us to understand what happens when such major things occur on the planet and what profound effects these have for us as a collective.

Every time a Portal is opened (even portals within us), there is a major upliftment that takes place, and a major entrance of Divine Light occurs. When this happens, there is also a major releasing of all of the dark (the shadow). We need to understand this through the Divine Principle of opposing polarities and neutrality. As much light that gets triggered and activated, the same amount of darkness resurfaces as a consequence. This is happening until a point of full culmination (neutrality) is reached, within the perfect balance of this realm and experience. For us all, this is happening on our planet Earth.

Due to this, many of us have been experiencing/feeling a major purification of the collective energies. Not everyone will feel this, for we need to be an open channel to feel this fully. This is not the first time this is happening. I explained this process before, and I will go a bit more in depth now. The Gatekeepers are those who are assisting with these portal openings. They help to activate them, so that they can fully come into life … for the Divine Light to easily enter through them. The Pillars, who are here to just Be and radiate out the Divine Love that we all are on a massive scale, are then assisting with the purification process. They are the ones who are acting as a living life portal/conduit for the Divine Light themselves, and usually all that is resurfacing is running through them to be purified. Why? Because they have chosen this long before coming here. Why? Simply because they are of utmost purity on a Soul level. And simply because they can!

When this impure energy that was stored here for eons of time is being released, we can feel a lot of that “collective junk”, and this might cause us to feel disoriented, dizzy, non centered, spaced out, anxious, nervous, aggressive, tense, and all kinds of different feelings. When these feelings are of the collective and not our own, we shall know this by simply observing our feelings. Please don’t confuse your own shadow integration for that of the collective. Yes, of course all is One, and whatever purifies through You becomes momentarily yours as well … it’s your own responsibility. But on a journey of Ascension, ascending Humans also need to learn to observe their own shadow and integrate it through awareness.

When we absorb feelings of the collective, we will usually feel like “not ourselves”, and it will only last for a few moments or possibly days. It is just the same as with Ascension symptoms, which are only temporary … in comparison to a disease, which is not. How will we see the difference? The Pillars can do this easily, for they are neutral in their Beingness, and that is why they can assist with this … for the moment we are not neutral, we can absorb these things, because we can start identifying with them. A Pillar will know the difference between their own vibration/energy signature and that which comes externally. Everyone else has the ability to move up in frequency and become as Pillars, neutral and observing as well. This is how the nature of Ascension flows, from one neutral/Christed Human to another.

We are igniting the sparks of awareness between each other, and this is how the collective is purifying as well. Remember, only awareness can make things whole as they truly are, and there is nothing being done without awareness! It’s more awareness that we need to integrate, since Divine Light is pure awareness in form anyway.

Within Divine Love, Polona