The Delicious and Nutritious World of Grapefruits



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The Delicious and Nutritious World of Grapefruits!

To me, this is the King of the Fruits. Grapefruits are like golden glowing globes, decorating the trees, as they absorb the sunshine and draw natural mineral water from the ground. I can tell you that back in the 1970’s I can remember my old friend Dr. Bernard Jensen standing among all those Grapefruit Trees, smiling that humble smile of his while he and I would hand pick and tear into some grapefruits on a hot summer’s day. Dr. Rob Young and Shelley are surrounded by thousands of Grapefruit Trees in their healing center in Southern California. They too know the benefits of grapefruits. Never forget that these grapefruits, even lemons and limes are of great benefits to us, and when we are surrounded by Nature, we become more and more in harmony with Nature. I miss my old friend Dr. Jensen, and as well, my old friend Paul Bragg. So today, I toast to all of your uphill battles you took on to fight for Nature, and for your dedication, courage and focus and for all the selfless service you shared with the world. Our world today would not be where it’s at now without you!

Benefits of Grapefruits: (yellow or red) They are alkaline, high in natural water, they are low glycemic and they carry a bevy of nutritional benefits. (However,if you are on certain medications, please ask your doctor if you can juice or eat them because they can interfere with them.)

Here’s one of my ‘BEST’ Juice Combinations that even the Master Teachers before me told me that they too were taught this beneficial combination.

(For 2 people, Organic)

2 Red Ruby Grapefruit (peel the skin leaving as much of the white pith as possible.)
1 inch Fresh Ginger Root
1/3 Peeled Pineapple

This is famous for being an arthritis reliever.