Happiness is a choice

happiness is a choice

47 minutes ago

I have said this so often to you and I have said it a countless number of times to myself.
“Happiness is a choice”
So how do you move from the pattern of misery, which is so familiar and “comfortable” even in its denseness, to joy, openness , expansiveness and creativity.
You start small (which is actually huge).
You wake up in the morning, sit on the edge of the bed, take that deep breath of light and say “tnankyou” just for being there. Then ask yourself “what is the most important thing for me to focus on today”. One thing only. Answer out loud. Then make up your mind that whatever unfolds in your day you will make sure that this will be accomplished (whether it is that you are going to meditate, meet a friend for lunch, take a nap, do some exercise, write etc, ect something for you). Then at the end of the day. Do the same thing as at the beginning. Sit on the bed, breath, and ask “what was the most valuable thing that happened to me today, what gift did I get, what new thing opened up for me?” (say it out loud).
Do this with caring purpose for 10 days and you will have broken the inertial of misery or “negative under flow”.
And the same applies whether it is a small temporary “downer” or you are in full blown misery. TAKE CHARGE and allow the FLOW to work. You have never had so much support.

All you have to do is OPEN THE DOOR. And It will flow in and flow out of You.
This IS Loving You in action.
Believe in You
I do
I Love You