Vitamin-Infused FullyRaw Lemonade


April 10th, 2013

Sip on this Vitamin Infused FullyRaw Lemonade! Now that Spring is here, it’s important to “Spring Clean” your body, flush toxins from your system, and keep hydrated! One of my biggest beauty tips is staying hydrated with not only water, but with vitamin-infused water! Many times, you will find those vitamin packs in the stores, but those are dried powders that potentially have many chemicals in them and that aren’t even absorbed by your body. Give your body the REAL nutrients that it deserves and try infusing your own water! The best part about making vitamin-infused FullyRaw lemonade is that you can make it with any fruits of your choice! Citrus typically works the best along with berries, but this combination in particular is my favorite! Enjoy, sip, and share!

This lemonade is a 64 oz mason jar filled with orange/lemon slices, mint, and purple basil. It is then filled with water and refrigerated overnight for a more intense, infused flavor! This is REAL natural flavoring that will keep you hydrated and happy! Who’s in the mood for a refresh-mint?!