The Cancer Industry EXPOSED! Ways to Prevent and CURE Cancer

Posted: 29 Apr 2013 04:50 AM PDT

It turns out, THC when ingested in highly concentrated forms (such as EATING CANNABIS OIL) will attack any mutated cells in your body while strengthening and rejuvenating the healthy cells.The PERFECT Cure for Cancer: it works fast, it works well, it works on many different forms of Cancer in ALL stages and it has ZERO harmful side effects. (Unlike Chemo which deteriorates your entire body and kills 1 in 5 patients). Not only that, but it dissolves ALL forms of tumors and can even combat superbugs like MRSA.Intelligent people realize that the scientific method does not work by *disproving* information or people. Cannabinoids are listed on the National Cancer Institute website and once you see how fast the cure works, the cognitive dissonance wears off pretty quickly. One needs to remember that *ignore* is the root word of “ignorance”…

Proof that the Government KNOWS:

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