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Ascended Masters Mystery School

April, 2013

The Enlightened Path of the Presence

Part I

What is different about living in these times—rather than living in December of 2012—is that now you have the tremendous support of the Light and Love that is coming into your world from the Central Sun of your Milky Way Galaxy. This is giving you the opportunity to live as Source within the consciousness of your Presence. At the end of May there will be many around your world who will be celebrating the enlightenment of the Buddha during Wesak. This Beloved One aligned with Source through the Crown of his being and he created that potential for awakening within all future generations. He invites you in this moment to remain so present in your Presence that all else dissolves into the indefinable Light that precedes all form, and yet is included within it. He assures us that your enlightenment is ultimately assured because you are composed of the same Light and the same Love that was before, is now, and shall always be part of the Essence of your being and of all that is.

~ Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia

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In response to the recent influxes of Light that are coming in from your Central Sun, your sensitivity may be expanding beyond the so-called normal range you have known in the past. Your inward responses to your environment and to others may also be increasing since you are being fine-tuned in preparation for the next levels of your awakening. This ongoing process may lead you into feeling more of the subtle effects that everyone may be having on your being.

As Buddha did, you may become particularly sensitive to what appears to be the suffering aspects of the human condition. Yet much has been learned in the last 1,500 plus years since this great one exited on the Earth, and one thing that we know now is that there are truly no victims. Every set of circumstances is created by those who have put the condition into motion and the lesson for all is to not only compassionately embrace the condition, yet perhaps more importantly, to take responsibility for it. Now is the time for absolute accountability. Humanity is in essence being invited to spiritually mature.


You may also notice during your present cycle that you are becoming much more sensitive to everything in your environment. This was also a part of the journey of Buddha as his nervous system was very finely tuned. Mastery is now being presented to you as an active way of working and living as your beloved Presence so it can help you to neutralize any habitual reactions you may have adopted over the years in relationship to yourself, to others, to your environment or to your world. When you can allow everything to simply flow through you, then you can be anywhere—including crowds of people—with no ill effects or any need to react adversely.

No one is being left out of this great acceleration in consciousness, even if they are not aware of it in their day-to-day lives. It is an important time to remain in total gratitude for being here during your Great Shift in the Ages and to keep opening your heart so its consciousness can literally penetrate your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times, which will allow you to feel into why you are here and what you are to do with your precious life.

The Great Love and Light of Source does not choose whose consciousness is being expanded; it is simply a gift freely given. Let yourself feel the great blessings that are simply a natural part of being alive at this magnificent time. You being here at this time already indicates your readiness to leave the old so you can be part of creating a new way of living in your world. When you allow yourself to release the past, you also empty out all that you thought you were. This silent state of no mind is one of the gifts that is given to us by the Buddha, so as we prepare to enter into the time of Wesak, we can begin to align more deeply with his consciousness. Both the Buddha and the Christ were masters at releasing all of their human concepts so they could move into the heart of the Presence that is ultimately beyond all limited definitions.

through Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

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