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Solving Insomnia with Neuroliminal Training
Insomnia and related sleep problems affect some 35 million people in varying degrees. Some people already use some form of “noise generator” to help them solve such sleep problems, with varying success. Audio sounds such as rain on the roof, a babbling brook, surf or sailboat sounds and even “white noise” (sounds like continuous TV static) have been used to mask outside noises. Any such noise generator may help solve insomnia and other sleep problems.Now, there’s an even more effective solution! It combines the “noise generator” as an audio overlay, combined with a subliminal message underneath which is heard by the unconscious mind. The soothing noise generator overlay masks outside noises, while the subliminal training actually does “brain training” in much the same way as Neurofeedback/EEG biofeedback. This new Neuroliminal Training (NT).combination has already solved every insomnia and other sleep problem for hundreds of users with only one real failure.

Results speak louder than advertising. In dozens of persons with insomnia and other sleep problems of all kinds, only two persons did not solve their sleep problem completely. A synopsis of experimental volunteer success may be found at Neuroliminal Training Results.

If you have any type of insomnia or other sleep problem, we guarantee it will be solved by using the Neuroliminal Training, or your money back with no questions asked. Feel free to share this email or a link to the article on the DrBate web site with your social network.

For much more information on other specific problems, read articles by Dr. Bate that have lots of free information on nutrition and Orthomolecular/Alternative therapies as well as EEG Biofeedback.

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