Having a beautifully healthy body and spirit just got easier with my newly published e-book.
I am so exited to share the secret how to transform your body, spirit and skin.

Women balancing busy lives will find easy-to-follow guidance to transform their personal health and beauty in 1,2,3…Slim, Pretty and Free.

In this book I combined insider info on how to look beautiful, feel great and stay healthy.
The book includes simple and nutritious menu plans for a 7 day physical and spiritual detox, natural old-world beauty recipes and a guided online video workout with fitness model Eve Freeman.This book continues to deliver my heartfelt message and passion for health and beauty.
I am planning to maintain a blog, publish articles in national magazines and hosts live events promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle and continue to motivate women to feel and look their best.  E- book is available now through E-books for $2.99.

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