In the highly dysfunctional world we live in – love has become an illusion

love has become an illusion

In the highly dysfunctional world we live in, love has become an illusion, a dangling carrot to keep you moving in the direction others want you to go. Dysfunctional families seem to have the common denominator of a sense of lack: there’s never enough love, enough acceptance, enough attention, enough appreciation, or enough abundance for everyone. So you have to behave and act a certain way to be ”worthy“ of any of it—especially love. The problem is that you end up chasing the carrot endlessly without getting any love in return, because a relationship that requires you to be something other than who you are is not a loving relationship.

Growing emotionally and spiritually requires letting go of the past and disengaging from the toxicity in and around you. This is your first true act of love and a necessary step toward more love: giving yourself the love nobody else does and the sense of self-worth nobody else can. You will not move forward or upward if those around you are trying to hold you back, pull you down, and keep you small—simply because they are probably afraid or unable to be free as well.

You need a healthy, supportive environment to grow, and this often means cutting the energetic ties of emotionally toxic relationships. This is a tough choice you may have to make at some point, especially with those you have loved in the past, but unfortunately there is no way around it if you are truly committed to your self-healing and self-growth and your environment is not supportive.

You can’t wash clothes with muddy water and expect them to be clean. Likewise, you need a clean, clear, and loving environment to find your own clarity and sense of self. It all starts with the relationship you establish with yourself, the gifts of love you give yourself, and the people you allow in your environment to mirror that self-love.

In these times of spiritual awakening you really have to ask yourself, “Is my environment supporting my growth or holding me back?” And if there is anything preventing you from moving in the direction you want, in any way, it’s time to let it go, because nothing, and I mean nothing, is more valuable than your spiritual growth toward a true sense of self. Your whole reality and world emerge from it.
~ Lady D ~