A Pinch of Fluoride in Salt?

Posted: 03 Apr 2013 01:46 AM PDT

by Heidi StevensonTo add fluoride to the public water supply or salt is mass drugging, an invasion of our most intimate space. Yet, it’s now commonly added to salt. In some countries it’s required—even in what can then not possibly be defined as natural or organic salt.

Are you adding fluoride to your toxic intake when you use salt? In several major European countries, India, and Japan, salt fluoridation is routine. Of course, the usual excuse is that it’s good for teeth, but that claim is highly questionable. While topical treatment may be beneficial, ingestion offers no benefit, and fluoride is highly toxic.

In spite of its known toxicity, many countries are now requiring that salt be fluoridated, and most of the others are not far behind.

If you think that fluoride in water is a problem, then you’d best start looking at your salt. In many places in Europe and South America, salt is fluoridated. The reasons given are exactly the same as for water fluoridation. It’s supposed to be good for your teeth. Whether you agree with that statement or not, you’re subjected to it without your consent. It’s in most popular toothpastes. It’s in more and more water supplies. It’s a primary ingredient in a host of pharmaceutical drugs. It’s the toxic element of many pesticides. And it’s in your salt, or likely will be soon.