Venutian Rose Raw Chocolate Hearts


These ladies have some of THE  BEST raw recipes I’ve ever seen!  EVER!


Liked · June 29, 2012


Raw cacao butter, coconut oil & coconut creme blended with cacao powder, lacuma powder, blue agave nectar, vanilla, cinnamon, rose & citrus essential oils.

With cacao nibs, black mulberries, bee pollen and flaked almonds.

Served on a bed of rose petals in honour of the Venus Transit June 2012 to the lovely ladies attending the *Womens Wellness Retreat*, June 2012, Brecon, Wales.

Event hosted by Emma Jones, teacher and founder of the College of Natural Nutrition based in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Event catered for by Heather Gardner , raw teacher & chef, natural nutritionist, who also taught the yoga and meditation sessions.

These retreats will take place 4 times a year with the change of each season, to learn what we need to do, to support our body for the season ahead.

Also a wonderful oppertunity to meet like minded souls, eat delicious raw food and chocolates like this, as well as learn new skills for a healthier happier life.

Emma Jones & Heather Gardner are available to teach and cater for events.