Just Say NO to Wi-Fi



Wireless internet routers and laptop computers/tablets emit pulsed microwave radiation. Hundreds of peer reviewed studies show that this type of microwave radiation has biological effects. Schools, public libraries and communities throughout the world are starting to dismantle wireless systems and are returning to wired technology because of an increase in headaches, memory and concentration problems and ADD/ADHD among children and electro-sensitive adults.

In the future there will be public service announcements stating “This is your brain on wireless…….. any questions?”

The following is a series of printable PDF’s (approximately 300 pages) and videos that any parent can give to the principal of their child’s school. Parents around the world should be demanding that Wi-Fi be taken out of schools.  The health risks are known and the long-term health of every exposed person may be at stake.

People that are now electro-hypersensitive (EHS) because of our society’s belief the microwave radiation is safe can also print the PDF’s to give to an employer, neighbor or elected official in order to begin to create environments that are safe for them to exist. Wi-Fi should be taken out of all public spaces.



The following organizations are also advocating a return to wired technology for schools and public spaces:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1AxKCI24PA (watch this video beginning at minute 9:00 for info on Wi-Fi in Schools)