The Vital Importance of Water & Our Emotional Cells

Soundwaves in water

The Vital Importance of Water & Our Emotional Cells
By James Hartley

The following insights originated from Lesley Pierce who is a lecturer on Nutritional Healing with and who has been helping me to rediscover ancient wisdoms in health.

Incredibly the human body has approximately 100 trillion cells. To say we have these cells does not quite do it justice – we are our cells. And there are around 1 billion chemical reactions going on in our body every second of the day!

Fascinatingly, part of these chemical reactions is our emotions – they are not just feelings but actual, physical chemical reactions taking place in our cells! So cells have emotions and furthermore thinking happens at the cellular level; it is said that our mind is in every one of our cells and that our cells are eavesdropping on our thoughts! If you are feeling happy and uplifted then your cells know this. Conversely they reflect when you are feeling sad or angry too.

Putting aside the Law of Attraction for simplicity for a moment you could say that we are in control of just three things in life:
What we think
What we feel
What we do
So I’m sure you can imagine the benefits we would derive if we could keep ourselves and our cells uplifted with positive thoughts and good vibes, and how toxic negative thoughts can be to the whole of our body! We should try to give our cells a wonderful place to live.