Mercury and Autism

by Phil Bate, Ph.D.

Phil Bate PhD – Orthomolecular Psychologist  (30 plus years)

Inventor of NT Therapy – An inexpensive, effective approach &
“at home” therapy for ADD- autism, insomnia, depression etc                 –     

Mercury and Autism

There’s a lot of confusion that has been generated by Big Pharma about the role of mercury in Autism cases.  But, the facts are pretty clear.  30+ years ago, the rate of autism in the US was 1 in some 10,000.  That usually occurred when there was physical damage to the fetus.  The pregnant woman slipped and fell, or something similar.  Today, the rate is closer to 1 in 100.  If you compare the curve of mercury in the human population, that curve is virtually the same curve as the increase in autism births.  That’s not a coincidence.

Several years ago, when Big Pharma started to get sued because of autism, blood and/or urine testing showed very little of mercury, so defense lawyers “proved” that mercury couldn’t be the problem, and judges and juries acquitted Big Pharma (and the FDA)  However, this was because the knowledge of ow the liver worked wasn’t known to the jurors or judges.

The primary function of the liver is to filter the blood going to the brain and stop toxic material, and store it, so that the brain isn’t affected.  It is designed to gradually release very small amounts of the toxic minerals BACK into the blood when, and only when there is some chemical material is present in the blood that can mix with the toxic material, and take it out of the blood.

There are only two “natural” materials that can mix with mercury and other minerals (toxic and nutritional).  These are ascorbic acid form of vitamin C, and a chemical manufactured in the body called Glutathione.   Almost every animal on earth EXCEPT PRIMATES – APES AND HUMANS can manufacture ascorbic acid within their body.  However some 65 million years ago, primates lost one enzyme that is required to do this, so me primates cannot manufacture ascorbate acid vitamin C.  One of the actions of mercury on the developing fetus is to inhibit the manufacture of glutathione, so there is a lessening of the any way to get rid of the mercury, and as the curve of increasing mercury is getting higher due to pollution, autism cases are increasing.

Every power station using coal belches forth smoke that pollutes the atmosphere, the ground we grow crops in, the water we drink and water our crops in, and the fish in that water.  What’s one of the “favorites” of a pregnant mother – tuna fish salad or even a meal!.

Several years ago, I made a video (I think it’s still on YouTube somewhere).  It told pregnant to start taking ascorbic acid vitamin C in amounts of 3000 to 4000 mg (3-4 grams) split up daily.  Since we primates cannot make this type of c like almost all other animals on the planet, we need to get it externally.  Vitamin C not only kills virus and bacteria cells in the blood (if enough are available) but this pH negative form also combines with the toxic pH positive minerals (nutritional AND toxic, changes them into an “ascorbate form, and this allows them to be filtered out of the body by the kidney urine route.  Many years ago, I found out that the MD who cares for the apes and monkeys (primates), has an RDA of 4000mg per day for a 150 pound ape.  Yet, the human RDA for vitamin C is only 75 mg (about 1 orange worth.  Something is very wrong and inadequate here.

There have been at least 4 different tests by MD “whores” that “proved vitamin C didn’t stop or cure a common cold or flu.  It used only 500 or 1000mg per hour.  Now, since a virus doubles in numbers of cells every 20 minutes, and by the time you feel symptoms, there are millions of  cells present, and 500 or 1000mg only kills a small percentage, the virus simply is too strong for this meager amount to be affected seriously.  (I take 4 grams every 15 minutes, and no flu or cold within 1 hour usually.  It’s a matter of overwhelming and killing huge numbers before they can multiply.

In my not so humble opinion, any “cure” or improvement in an autism child MUST be accompanied by getting the mercury out of the child, and until this is done, the child will be “handicapped”.  And, the earlier this is done, the less overall damage will be done.