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  • Wellthy Choices This video shows how structured water realigns the chakras and gets rid of toxicity:

    Research showing the effects of drinking water spun through our Vortex Magnetic Energizer check out for more info
  • Wellthy Choices Check Science to Sage magazine – The Water Revolution… fascinating pictures and articles!!

    Water is much more than a liquid that we drink, it is the substance that bathes us, sustains us and records our every word.  It is literally the SOLUTION that arranges and re-arranges our matrix.  It is the medium for miracles and transformation.  Without water there would be no life.

    We come into existence from the warm waters of our mother’s womb, birthed from a dark void and into the light of the world. And since energy can be neither created or destroyed we are life without end; only our energy state changes when we pass our body. Our blood is water-based liquid crystal and the matter that comprises our brain and  body contains almost 70% water. But it is what we make ’matter’ that is our story, our frequency and our destiny.




    • Intro and Thank you

    Georg Schroecker

    • The Water World

    Marlin Chaplin

    • Intro to Water Science
    • The New Science

    Gene Webb

    • A New Paradigm…

    Alick Bartholomew

    • Water is the Stage Manager

    Fuchs & Woisetschlaeger

    • The Floating Water Bridge

    Gerald Pollack, Ph.D

    • The 4th Phase of Water
    • Excerpt for his new book

    Water Light and Electric

    Electric Universe/Thunderbolt Project

    Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D

    • Water is Life and Light

    Alexander Lauterwasser

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    Water Structure

    Richard Merrick

    • Atomic Resonance as a

    Frame Work for Life

    The  Means & the Messenger

    Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

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    Water & Sound

    John Stuart Reid

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    • Poem

    Susan Alexjander

    • Fluid Resonance

    Wholly Healing Water

    Masaru Emoto

    • Urgent Message

    Josef  Tyls, Ph.D

    • In Search of  Wholly Water
    • Shui Yin Lo, Ph.D

    Healing Waters

    Alick Bartholomew

    • Viktor Schauberger

    Freddy Silva

    • Ancient Wisdom & Water

    Karen Elkins

    • Excerpts and ideas from the book “InsideOUT”


    Rebecca Kamen

    • Manuscript as Muse

    Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

    • Rainbow Snake

    Edward Cowie

    • Art, Music and Science

    Matt Poon

    • A Water Myth

    Freddy Silva