Crystal Light Technology

underwater messages


Try in a Crystal cave where you request the Arcturians and Melchizedek to send a Crystal projection. You sit under this crystal that is like a feeding tube. A liquid crystal is diverted to the Crown of your head.

You are now getting a treatment of crystalline energies. Drink and absorb internally. Is weaving within the body structure bones perfect for light load. It creates a structure and Foundation physically in your light body. You will feel the Crystal structure in their own way. This Crystal light technology is another way for healing on many levels. Melchizedek told us that the liquid crystal has the effect of “neutralisation” of all the energies in imbalance within the physical, etheric, astral, mental and spiritual bodies. What he recommends is that, after sitting down a little in the Crystal cave and absorb the liquid crystal, evoquemos the gold Cylinder of the Arcturians to take and remove any negative energy that has been neutralized. This Crystal light Arcturiana technology also neutralizes all alien implants, which is another huge advantage.

When you’re ready, ask to remove energy neutralized. This is very important. This technology is a two-step process. All the various Arcturianas technologies can be divided into two stages. The first is the neutralization effect, and the second is ativacional.

Then, Lord of Arcturus will place a Crystal in each chakra. Breathe deeply and allow this process to occur. Ask him to then activate these crystals. You will feel that they begin to turn on each chakra clockwise. Feel the expansion from front to back and back to front on each chakra. This creates a real feeling of a unification in their chakras. Breathe deeply and allow this to be embedded throughout their bodies. These crystals are very light but very strong. They are gifts of the masters you must go into the world and share the light that they help to step up!

CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY to HEAL WOUNDS ETHEREAL Call the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians to that with their liquid crystal technology cauterizem Ethereal any wound at all levels. This is done from deeper internal balls towards the outside until the cure. Call Vywamus to sew the etheric body upon request. This creates a real cure for the wound already Ethereal is no longer present. She brings all the bodies back to its original state.

CRYSTAL CHILDREN PROTECTION this tool is specifically designed for children, not adults. Is a new technology designed to help children of the New Era that are very vulnerable when young. This tool is for the purpose of providing extra protection while healing is going on. Djwhal Khul, called Lord Maitreya, Vywamus, and the Lord of Arcturus to form a crystalline network tracking and protection. Is placed around the field, surrounding it and creating a barrier until the child is able to sustain healing completely within itself. This option is available for any child.

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Translation: Grazi (Translated by Bing)