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Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – A Deeper Level Of Connection – 24 February 2013

When I attempt to meditate or do some other altered state type of exercise, my throat becomes “blocked” and I have to clear it in order to swallow. This is where my attention goes. Why would my subconscious want to keep these experiences away from me?

We are going to answer this question broadly for our readers at first, and then a little more specifically as it pertains to you. You see, we do not suggest that you participate exclusively in the Yoga of Positive Thought and other mentally based activities. Your successful practice requires that you address your whole body as well.

As am extreme example, a person cannot think their way into wellness by day, and trash their body every night, and expect positive results. There is a contradiction of the vibrations being offered to the universe, which you can all clearly see in this example. But these contradictions between what you are mentally, imaginally offering and what you are offering on a bodily, gut level are happening subtly within you all the time.

So we recommend the practice of hatha yoga (or its many variants), tai chi, qigong, or any of the energy balancing systems of exercise that are out there. Most of you do not realize your body is far more intelligent than for which you give it credit; so there needs to be a flow of communication along your energy centers. It is quite acceptable when you are in meditation to get up and allow yourself to be moved by the energy coming up within you.

So our more specific answer for the writer is to allow movement during meditation. You are allowing a deeper and greater intelligence to come forth. Your body allows a deeper level of connection to that source than that does your mind, and movement is the language your body speaks. So when “sitting quietly, doing nothing” doesn’t feel quite right, allow yourself to move in gentle meditative ways. You will then find blockages being removed quite easily and naturally.