Igniting Timelines – part 1 and 2


The Igniting Timelines – Part 1 And 2 –
23 February 2013


igniting timelines
light-body    Part 1 – What Are They?

2013 is promising to be more powerful that 2012, but it depends on who you are and what your pathway means. To a person that does not understand about Universal Consciousness, they would probably perceive this time in our Earth’s history to be very difficult and problems may seem insurmountable. But it is just the opposite feeling for individuals that are awakened into the world of Spirit, their Higher Self.

If we look back to when January started, the Earth’s energies have changed drastically to the unseen energies. But yet, individuals everywhere on the planet are being affected by the changes within them and around them. In January the New Moon brought forth the Angelic Activations that will continue through the year. At the Full Moon the Rainbow of Lights (video to be forthcoming) from the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace were activated and will continue to grow through each New Moon and Full Moon occurrence.

What Do These Activations Mean?

The Angelic Activations represent our angelic self coming into our physical body to create the process of the multi-dimensional self. It is the part of us that will assist each person deeply to know they are more than a human being. The Rainbow of Lights is activated through the Elders to bring forth the 12 Rays of God to assist humanity. The colors will be exhibited through the Spectrum of Light of colors-within-colors during each full moon and new moon energy. To the unawakened human they will be seen as an actual rainbow. To the intuitive person it can be seen through the Third Eye through meditation or within an awakening state. They also will show themselves within the photographs being taken presently in which many colors of orbs will show up in the pictures. The Rays of God are a needed component in order to fully activate the 5th dimensional Light body and the Elders represent these frequencies of light. They are a direct manifestation from the God Force.

That was just in January. February proved to be even more powerful. The energies came in very smoothly but then this week, as of February 17th,we were gifted by the Great Central Suns of the Solar-Galactic-Universal-MultiUniversal-Cosmic forces to join together to create massive electrons of light to come into Gaia which would help to ignite individuals into activating their timelines of past lives. This is the year that we are bringing together our gifts and allowing the old elements to be released through the activations of the timeline. This week, especially is making individuals to reveal themselves in a completely and different manner. It may happen suddenly and then the energy has shifted. Sometimes it is not pleasant to experience as we have been everything in our past history. So what needs to be removed will be remembered in order to allow the Higher Essence of our Light Body to be activated.

What happens to the people that have no clue what this is all about? More destruction will occur, unfortunately. The timeline activation has no preference of who it is going to assist as it is occurring for every individual at this time. The difference is that individuals that have no sense of a spiritual occurrence happening in their life will find that their dark days will get darker. This is due to the duality occurring and the Light and Dark are separating. So if a person is having a very difficult time in their life, those energies will get stronger unless they find a part of themselves through a spiritual connection. This can be through many avenues of earth energies, angelic communication, praying to God, and asking for help. The lightworkers are truly working hard to change themselves and that is just what they do, “WORK WITH THE LIGHT” to assist Gaia and all her inhabitants.

This means that each of us that are working doubly hard to heal within and become the multi-dimensional self, we are doing it for others in Oneness. This is why GAIA is healing as she is, and why the planet is making a turn-around towards the Light. But we have a long journey through this process.

What Is A Timeline?

spiritual_body    A timeline is a remembrance or a seed of information that is lodged within the Etheric body. They can be positive or negative timelines but the Etheric body remembers everything that has ever occurred to us in any lifetime. For eons of time they have been lodged away and had no purpose except to ignite through the physical a remembrance that would react as a karmic debit, either good or bad.

At this time, the timelines are being reactivated to help each of us to remember and accept our role upon humanity. These timelines come from all of our lifetimes which can be anywhere from 150 to 1,000 depending upon the soul’s pathway. Many individuals who are Starseeds and Angelic Beings have only arrived for the first time. But that does not mean they don’t have timelines to work through. It just means they are probably from another planetary existence or within the Innerplane of principalities. We also have timelines that become ignited from this lifetime in which experiences happened through our existence. They are usually lodged into the Etheric body when something occurred and the soul could not work out the issue. So it was put in a hiding space and never healed or removed. It can also represent surgeries that occurred any lifetime. Those organs stay in the Etheric body and can be ignited within the Light Body if the soul so wishes for that to happen.

Many times we, as the human, have no recollection of these timelines until we walk into the world of Soul Healing. Previously it only occurred during intense healing, meditations, and shamanic journeys. That is no longer the case.

2013 promises to be the year of synchronization; in order for the flowing energies to occur within each of us the timelines have to be cleared. The Great Central Suns of the Cosmic forces are assisting us to do so. The remembrances at this time, can be very powerful and will come to an individual easily and effortlessly. Now all of this is engineered by our Higher Self so that our lives can become easier with divine energies flowing into our bodies as we create the multi-dimensional self to be ignited. It depends upon each person’s particular pathway and where their Higher Self wants to guide them. Individuals not on a spiritual pathway will be effected but in a much lesser degree. It will be up to them to make changes within their lives through spiritual accessibility and the one’s that feel it the worst, are meant to wake up into a new world awaiting their consciousness.

To continue reading about Timelines and How to Heal through this process, please see Part 2 of 2, The Igniting Timelines ~ How Can We Work Through Them?

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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timelines2  Part 2 – How Can We Work Through Them?

It is really important to be aware of your own truth, your light, your thoughts, and your emotions from the perspective of your Highest Essence. This can be a challenge for many individuals if they are not used to meditating, and creating a consciousness within them that is positive, full of love, joy, and understanding the difference. This is the mountain that each of us needs to climb presently. We will not survive if we do not understand Who We Are. Taking time to go within by meditating, acts of silence, feeling the beauty of nature around us are some of the ways in order to experience these changes. It is up to us to fully accept that we are changing and being a Divine Being fully manifest is our destiny in this lifetime.

This is why the timelines are igniting ~ so that we can be More than We Are presently and accept the responsibility of honoring ourselves through the process. Every human that awakens into a new level of consciousness walks into the Pathway of Mastership. It depends on what they choose to do with that awareness. We have the ability to be the Ascended Masters of the New Earth but it takes courage, diligence, great love, and responsibility to continue on this pathway. Some individuals choose to go to a certain level and stay within that consciousness as it feels comfortable for them. It is a personal choice and no one ever judges someone for not aspiring to more. That may be the contract they have during this lifetime and to assist individuals on the lower levels.

Please understand that the duality we are experiencing within the 4th dimensional level is due the Light and Dark finally separating from one another. There becomes a space in between in which within a very intuitive channel or person connected to the higher forces of light can fully feel the difference. Each of us has been on both sides and many of our timelines that erupt that are painful and traumatic are a direct result of these memories being ignited within us. We are walking through the forest in darkness trying to find the light.

This also represents the energies within the Earthplane. There are many lost souls that never found the light and there are many other lower energies of interplanetary levels that are not focused within the Christed energies. It is imperative that we only call upon the highest frequencies to be with us. What is happening presently is that the Dark and the Light are fighting for their space on GAIA but the Light is much stronger and will win. In the meantime lower forces can try to stop us by creating bad thoughts, emotions, and troubles within our reality. It is up to us individually to walk in balance by activating our Highest Essence and I AM Presence and start to feel the beautiful essence that we are. We are not supposed to be dysfunctional, full of envy and greed but compassionate and loving human beings. This is the process that we are going through presently with the timelines and activating only the highest level guided through our Higher Self and our Highest Purpose.

Please know everyone is being challenged presently to be more than they ever thought that they could be. It is important to realize that the old timelines can be released quickly through the effort of vibrational healing and allowing the Rays of God to assist in the process. Utilizing chanting and vibrational voice channeling is so very helpful and can make a difference immediately.

timelines violet pinkThe most important tool I feel that can be utilized is working within the Violet Ray to transmute the energies. Allowing your physical body to be completely immersed within the Violet Flame will change the composition being directed from the Etheric level into the physical essence. It will also create an awakening in the thought process and emotional response. Using the Violet Light with St. Germain will create the process to allow the old timelines to be removed. It is imperative to ignite the body with new and loving energies so I suggest utilizing the Pink Ray of Creative Intelligence in which the light fully infuses within the body with compassion, love, and joyful emotions. Going a step further would be to blend the Violet and the Pink into one flame of light which represents Vibrational Communication. Now your entire four body system moves into the full body system igniting the energies through your Masculine and Feminine Divine to become One Essence within the Heart Center of the Three-fold Flame. It is imperative to embrace the Three-Fold flame which will bring forth the qualities of Wisdom-Love-Power through the Masculine-Feminine-Christ Consciousness within the Heart.

When this occurs, the new timelines that you are supposed to remember can be ignited within your reality as the process beings to fully accept your Multi-Dimensional Self. Utilizing this technique each time you feel uncomfortable with your emotions or thoughts will truly change your experience of life on Earth at this time.

A Very Personal Story

I have shared this background information as I feel it is important to express to others what I experience personally in my healing pathway. As most of you know, I am a very highly seasoned lightworker being on this pathway for almost 30 years. The energies have shifted dramatically since my beginning walk into the Light and it amazes me continually how deep we need to get into the Core of our Beings. This will continue for each of us because there is no end of our depth when we acknowledge the world of Mastery. It is why I chose to go deeper into my own essence a very long time ago.

I have been somewhat challenged on a physical level as it is the last of my bodies that needs to heal. I struggled with staying on the Earth when my acceleration became so deep that I could have truly commanded my body to break down. The way this could have happened was through an issue in my veins as the blood has a tendency to not pump upwards especially without exercise and sitting at a computer for hours causing Edema within my lower limbs. I work with many healing essences and sustain the issue, but I never could get totally past the problem. I know I am being guided to stay on this earth way beyond I ever thought possible in the hundreds of years and recently have been unsure how I could do so.

My partner, Mike, and I, living in Mt. Shasta also have a very strong connection to Lemuria which is why we live here now. We also work with Lord Adama through our teachings along with the Team of Light. Our life in Lemuria was beautiful but not so wonderful in the last 50 years. We have realized all of this in the last 18 months of living here. We both have had to look at our dark timelines and admit that we were not always the beautiful people we wanted to be. That is our truth and it is true of every person on this planet. In order to be in the Light you have to know the dark. Joshua David Stone refers to this as ‘Walking in the Black Forest’.

Through the process of accelerating my energies I have a tendency to know when something of a lower frequency is trying to interfere in my consciousness. Mike, my partner, is learning this also, but it is very acute with me. Mt. Shasta is the Root Chakra of the Earth, and there are many levels of energies here. We have been introduced to them all. This is why we set up a Protection Protocol to assist ourselves and others in raising our vibrations to the 5th dimensional level so as not to be bothered by other energies. I also have traveled here for over a decade helping to clear the lands so I understand truly about the diversity of life within the mountain. It is my pathway to help clear Gaia and Mt. Shasta to allow the souls to rise to another level of existence.

This week I was to encounter another such energy but within the clearing, I was to learn about a timeline that would help to heal my entire body. I usually take a clearing bath to make sure my aura is completely healed of any reflections of the lower energies and in doing so, I realized that what we had cleared is an energy that was a past timeline within my Etheric body. During my days in Lemuria when changes were happening, I made a contract with an individual I thought I could trust to help the continent in its war-time state. What I did not realize is that I was tricked as they had access to my spiritual awareness. Any time that I would try to get to rise to a certain level, energies would try to stop me. Due to my fear at that time, I inflected my legs with such fear and anguish that it would cause the veins to be restrictive creating a circulation problem. I learned that I had this problem through my soul’s history so that my body was always out of balance as my spiritual pathway has always been my most important goal. I am sure that I died many times in trying to achieve what I have this lifetime.

As I was working with my lower limbs, the emotions rose up within me. I felt toxins and debris coming out of the legs (earlier that night Mike and I had done a detox for the legs which started this process). The tears become very hysterical, and I knew instantly what had occurred. I called upon the Unified Whole and traveled through the energies up to the 144th dimension. I used the Violet Flame with St. Germain along with the Pink Flame. I then saw a very strange individual and he was signing a contract that said I would never be bothered ever again by any lower forces or energies. Master Thoth, Commander of the Unified Whole, explained to me what had occurred and told me that now the healing could happen, life would be different, and I could enjoy my spiritual achievements. He thanked me deeply as I did not realize the extent of this healing for myself and others that I am associated with presently. Evidently, this being was a huge overseer of many forces that the Earth has been under its control, and this healing for me was also a healing for Gaia.

The legs have improved dramatically. I still have to utilize my healing techniques but I know that process will go smoothly with ease and grace. I did not feel that previously. I also feel differently. I have been bothered by bad dreams in which I am fighting darkness and Mike has had to wake me back up into the present reality. I learned that I no longer needed to be the Warrior of Light. I have put down my weapons and stand fully as a Torch Bearer to assist others to do the same. I commanded the Light energy to be within me and the timeline was removed instantaneously. In place of the dis-ease I have received acceptance of Who I Am along with the ability to walk into the New Earth as a Torch Bearer showing others to do the same.

I believe that none of this would have been possible without the present activations of the Great Central Suns. Each of us is being assisted to understand why we have been feeling at a loss or frustrated with the newer energies. Until we surrender into the process, we need to let go of the old feelings, and accept the Divine Light that is trying to be within us, then we will not have understanding within ourselves.

I hope my sharing helps just one person who is reading this material. I was guided by Lord Adama to express the changes that have resulted within me by going deeper into myself. I could not do it without the assistance of the Spiritual Hierarchy and all the wonderful masters that walk with me every moment. I especially want to convey that my partner, Mike, also has been instrumental in the acceleration of Meleriessee.

In Expressions of Oneness,
Rev. Christine Meleriessee